What kind of experience is needed/wanted?

Hey, so i’m very new here so i’m not so sure how this works but i’ll ask away anyways. So, i’m very young, just out of high school, and i’ve had my own clothing company here in Chicago for the past year. Things are going very well but, i’m very interested in designing for a well known clothing brand. They all want 3-5 years experience and a degree. What kind of experience would you all guess they want? Would my designing for my own company be good enough experience, or would they want something different? Sorry if this question is impossible to answer, but thank you in advance to any who attempts.

Yes designing for your own company counts.

As far as the degree. There are several schools in Chicago that have fashion design departments. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College are probably the top 2.

…hard to say for sure, but i know some managers who will not hire someone who has been self-employed (thinking you might not stay long or you couldn’t be a team player)…

wow… i didn’t even think of that. We’ll where would be a good place to start looking for a good job to gain that experience?

…i have made the transition from independent to employee and i just wanted you to be aware and prepared to talk to these kinds of issues in your job search…in my experience, the most frequently asked question was ‘after working for yourself why do you want to work for us?’…your reply needs to be compelling, sincere and reassuring to the interviewer…in your favor is that your work as independent may make you unique from everyone else they have interviewed…build on that with examples of how your work ethic and team leadership/particpation made for successful projects which exceeded the client/customer expectations…