What Kind of a Designer do I Need?


I have a product in mind which is similar to an outdoor canopy or shade structure. I need help designing it so that I could start making it and bringing it to market.

What kind of a designer should I search for to help me with this project? Primary materials are aluminum. Person should know about construction and engineering as there are/will be moving parts.

I am in Los Angeles.

Thank You.

Interesting project.

I think some more details might help:

  1. Where are you planning production? Do you need manufacturing contacts?

  2. Do you already have a clear concept, and you just need help designing the individual parts from a mechanical aspect?

  1. Production will be based in the US. I’d like to keep it in the Los Angeles area but I know some key concepts like the aluminum extrusion will most likely come from Arizona. I amy need some manufacturing contacts but the aluminum is covered.

  2. My concept is pretty clear. I need help designing the parts and getting it drawn for a production and engineering/plan approval process so architects and engineers can plan on using it in their developments in the future. Drawings also will be needed for building permits, etc.

You might troll through our sister site, coroflot.com and do a search for freelance designers in the LA area. Seems like you might want to meet with a few designers in person and chat to feel your way around what you need so you can make an informed decision on who to go with.

Have you brought other products to market? Have you ever worked with a designer before?

Freelance is definitely the way to go. I’d look for someone with good experience getting things to market, seeing as you are at that stage. Advanced technical drafting skill.

I’m not sure what industry experience would be most helpful. Maybe lighting? We used a lot of casting and sheet metal in lighting, so someone with that background might be easy to find and be ready to nail down the details of the part designs.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am meeting with a company tomorrow and I will start my freelancer search too. This is my first product and I have not yet worked side-by-side with a designer.