What is your your desktop resolution?

What dimension screen do you work on Cad/Adobe/ect with?
What are the pixel dimensions of web pages on the average IDer’s rig?

Full HD, 1920x1080. 27’ screen

2560x1440 at home, 1920x1200 at work, 1080P on the laptop, 2880x1800 on the Macbook.

1080p (I have a Cintiq 22HD at work)

Working with three random screens:

  1. 1980x1024 (16" laptop screen for email)
  2. 1980x1024 (24" monitor for SW)
    3)1280x1024 (19" monitor for Chrome, excel, or OneNote)

A matched pair would be nice though as the laptop resolution and smaller screen size results in everything being too small or me excessively using zoom features.

1920 x 1080 I didn’t know I could have more though :slight_smile:

Dual Monitors, 1920x1200 each. Only rarely does anything span both monitors (only when comparing parts in CAD), so maximized programs are 1920x1200. I’ll sometimes split a monitor vertically with two programs that I’m referencing.

My my resolution is 2560x1600, “vintage” Apple Cinema display.

2560x1440 27" iMac.

1920x1080 for three monitors:

24’’ HP monitor

Wacom 22 HD

17’’ Laptop

I have this absurd 3840 x 2160 res at work and if it wasn’t so nice and crisp I’d dial it down a notch.

2560 x 1600

30" Dell U3011

It took a few days to get used to moving my head to see the whole screen, but now I really like it. I tried the dual screen thing for a couple of weeks before this purchase and never liked that setup.