what is your job down fall? pls read and let me know

hey there.im just 17 and im thinking of taking up architecture in the near future… sadly…iv heard bout complaints bout the job from several ppl in this field.however i would love to hear more from u all…the professionals.can u tell me pros an cons of being in the arts field?mainly architecture and jobs which are related to designing?pls i need your advice and help.

don’t be lazy and expect instant info in your laptop, take time to read the forums and posts here, you’ll get the picture. this is not a volunteering site.

When I was 17 I was in the exact same spot.

I was meeting with architects and they all told me not to do it for various reasons. It was around this time when I discovered Industrial Design and ended up at an art & design school. Many Industrial Designers have the same story. Definitely look into it. Tour a few school’s ID departments, and you’ll know. For me it was a pretty visceral reaction. I haven’t looked back, and have loved every minute of it in the 14 years since.

I didn’t directly answer your question, but I think if you do this you’ll discover it on your own.