What is your inspiration?

What are using nowadays? Still using cars, furniture, architecture, etc?
Just curious to hear what people are using for inspiration and what you are designing.

Origin of the question - was walking around looking at cars the other day (I design home electronics) and I noticed how the design languages were all over the place (reflecting how much the auto industry has grown globally) Mazada and Toyota using biomimcry and organic forms, VW and Audi using forms that you might find in a Zaha Hadid building (even though her works were for BMW) , and I just wondered what designers were inspired by recently.

mostly just people watching and random things I spot in my environment… I walk to work everyday and it just feeds me so much. I just never know what I will see.

I would suggest looking for inspiration in uncommon places. Also don’t seek inspiration in similar products/projects. But get inspired by examples that have nothing to do with what you are designing. These examples will give you new insights while similar examples will just narrow the box even further.

BTW I’ve put my entire inspiration library online…might be handy

at frog, we have started opening this up a little to the public, which has been a great way to rapidly build image banks:

I also pick through a lot of antique and junk shops. By seeing what has withstood the test of time, I get a sense of where I think things are going.

My other source of inputs are art shows. Tons of ingredients in your local art scene!

this is a nice initiation…
I do spend lot of time to see few things & scenarios over the net…
It will be a great resource for insights & observations…

Image bank - thats what they’re called!

I was at a motor show the other day and I noticed that my new inspiration is eavesdropping (as rude as it sounds). Its amazing what the everyday, uneducated (and even wrongly-self-educated (as in people who speak out of their butt)) people can say to other people. They’ll know that something is right, or not quite right, but the amazing part is when they can feel it but they can’t explain it. As a design student, it’s pretty cool to then go and examine what they’re talking about, then rationalise what they were saying.

Kind of like a game, really.

Careful with your assumptions about other people’s level of understanding. They may be “undereducated” but they can carry insights that would be overlooked.

I think what I am really trying to say, is be careful not to look down on others because they don’t care the same design sensibilities you have.