What is your favorite TV channel advert?

Been doing a small research on TV channel pomotion. May anyone be kind to fill in this short questionnaire?

  1. What is your favorite TV channel advert (only focusing on channel identity)?

  2. What made you start to like it in the first place?

  3. Please list an image/ images coming to your mind when you think of your childhood or any other particular period of your life(please specify).

and age:18-25, 25-30,31-39,40-55,56 or older
Thanx a lot

I think I am probably not alone in finding this “small research” survey completely free of context and coherence.

For starters, maybe you can explain to the growing legion of non-responding viewers of this thread the following and you might actually get some responses:

What are you doing and why?

What exactly do you mean by question 1?

What does question 3 have to do with anything?

What do you hope to achieve through this survey?
Proof or validation of something? Or something else?

(Hint, if you can answer those last three questions clearly, then you should look at ruthlessly editing and then rebuidling your survey.)

Come clean here and if you are lucky, some might be able to suggest to you more effective ways of doing “small research.”