What is your Favorite Page Size to Sketch?

Hi guys, My name is Reigo, and I Sketch daily.

Been a lurker for years, haha :laughing: but Wanted to know what is your guys favorite page size to sketch with? I Find myself sketching with a variety of page sizes to accommodate certain designs. However, when it comes to showcasing work, I am stuck with many sizes. Do you guys Stick to a certain page size?

Hi Reigo, well done for taking the leap! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it depends on what the sketch is for. If it’s just sketching for enjoyment then I tend to use which ever notebook is closest to me.
For sketching at my current work I tend to use A4 as we have plenty of it and I can scan it all in easily, but at Uni and while in previous jobs I used A3 Layout pads.

I don’t think it really matters as long as you can communicate the idea effectively.
For work that needs to be presented then I will stick to A3/A4 (one or the other), but I tend to scan these in and edit them on the PC anyway.

It will be interesting to see what others say on this though.
In the mean time, you could post some of your sketches on the doodling board :slight_smile:

Hi mcpbowman! Thank you for your response!,

I think your right when page size dont matter and I also grab any notebook that is next to me for enjoyment which is not usually standard sizes. However when I find the sketch is worth presenting even though A3 provides a better prentation I am stuck with having pages a little bigger than A4 and less larger than A3 which is one of my favorite pages sizes to sketch with.

Haha, this topic may not seem that interesting but I see many designers struggle with this especially if they want to keep their work presented consistently. I believe thats great that you mcpbowman choose those sizes to keep yourself consistent.

And thank you, i will post some sketches in the doodling section soon for sure!

Just for efficiency and cost, I sketch only on A4 papers and with ballpoint. It is a good format as long as you do large size sketches, max 3 sketches per sheet, 1 or 2 for vehicles.

Mainly I sketch on 8.5 x 11 these days … or digital. I used to sketch 11x17 tabloid a lot, but with the ability to scan and print/project any size there doesn’t seem the need. When I was in college we would sketch 24"x36"… all about maximum impact from a distance. Back then you had to sketch at the size you wanted the visual though (I’m old)

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Whatever size the closest napkin is. :wink:

Interesting, It looks like many have accustomed to the letter size or smaller. It does make sense when standard is A4. Looking at how often we sketch 8.5 x11 is ideal. Thank you for your reply guys.

I also like using the Copic A4 marker pads, sadly that’s because the Letraset pads have now become difficult to find.

I just tend to sketch on A4, as it’s so convenient & relatively cheap. Otherwise anything else is handy!

Letter size for quick ideation sketches. A4 if I want them to look nicer (with marker). I guess it depends on my mood. These sizes are easy to scan for presentations.

However, I’ve always felt that A3 allows me to explore more freely with multiple sketches per page rather than feeling stuck/done with an 8.5 x 11 page. You can also sketch bigger and get into more detail. But it is a bit more time consuming to digitize it.