what is your dream project?

always thought this was interesting: when college football coach Lou Holtz went to work at Notre Dame, turned out he had a clause in his contract w Wisconsin(?) letting him leave free and clear for his dream job - coaching at ND. what is the project that you would write into your contract? what is it you most want to design and see fabricated?

Total cliche I know (I guess those have to get started somehow) but I would pretty much drop anything to design a Ferrari. That’s just the way it is.

I think the other project I would leave almost anything to design an Air Jordan…

Maybe I’m still a 14 year old kid inside, I do still love Samatha Fox.

I would also really like to design a cellphone at one point. It is the 21st century cruicifix, in that most people carry them everywhere.

I’d drop just about anything to design a car as well. If I had the money I’d design and build a prototype on my own.

Being a recent grad and newbie to furniture design, I’d love to have free reign on just about anything furniture related - thats not purely rehashing an old style pandering to the fashion-minded, anyway.

i am not sure if this is a dream job-but would like to really change and redesign the surfaces that we walk on. I think from a stand point that we have all these materials and technologys out there but the surfaces that we walk on are so bad for us. (city-school campus) to be more precise. I think we can experiment more with the surface, and underlining layers. there are materials out there that would absorb the human body’s weight as they are walking better than conceret or better wood, but still things could be better. so a dream would be to change the surfaces that we walk on. also i think having un even floors or walk ways would create the mind to work and be challenged and this way help us rather than the brain being not stimulated when we just walk on flat surfaces. just an idea.

we will c.

oh man… if I knew the answer to that question I’d know what I’m going to do for my thesis project in a year. However, I think I might like to design a truly beautiful cell phone that is very simple (no camera, huge screen, 1,000,000,000 buttons ect…). Not for my thesis though, too simple.

truly I think I will be happy designing anything as long as I have a lot of creative license and a client that is well educated. I might be singing a different tune once I get my first job. who knows?

Very true. I don’t have “cool handwriting” at all, but I’ve been thinking for a long time about doing some “Adbusters” style social comentary by making clear (vinyl?) stickers that are intended to be applied to “necessary?” daily used technology items. For example:

  • I want to put “Necessary Evil?” on my “cool” Sidekick II T-mobile phone I just bought.

  • I want to put “Precieved Quality Half Assed Garbage” on the Sony discman I bought which manages to skip constantly when all I’m doing is walking at a slow pace.

  • If I by an Ipod someday (most likely I will hold out for Sirrus to make a portable satellite radio unit) I will put an “Am I cool?” sticker on it.

As a designer I’m both well aware of the benefits of a consumer driven society, and warry of the drawbacks of it. The bottom line is: “How do I make my company profit?”, but the real question we have to ask ourselves is; “Does this product I’m creating really help the user?”

a surfboard or a helmet. i saw the biomex helmet link on this site and checked out meyerhoffer studios. from what i can tell, my dream company. anyone know of any more studios/firms/companies that make innovative function driven sporting equipment that i can check out?

have to think some more for awhile.

@sfsobotka - try a Search. sporting equipment comes up on the forum plenty. or try posting in General. more active thread.

Without question:

a Bus Shelter for JC Decaux