What is wrong with your luggage/bookbag?

I am sure the majority of you, like the rest of the world, needs to carry something around with them during the day. Whether you are a student, professional, or just an everyday mom you have some sort of bag or case to carry your personal belongings around in.

So! For those of you that use this type of product, what would you like to see changed or improved in yours?

Examples: -My back hurts!
-The straps dont fit very well
-More/less storage required
-This thing is ugly!

Thank you!

The one I carry now is a “messenger-type” bag. I tried to find one that looked like I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement or look like I was on my way to a day hike. I settled for one that IMO was a little too flashy and “sporty” for business meetings, but carries my laptop, sketch book and Time Design planner easily. Wish it was a little more invisible.

I really don’t like too many cheap/flimsy/unusably small compartments for stuff. How about fewer, sturdier compartments?

Waterproof outers. At the very least, a waterproof flap to completely overlap all zippers/seams. Waterproofed/taped seams and a rubber boot on the bottom of the bag would be even better!

Removable shoulder strap. Additionally, it would be a great feature to have a strap that internally loops through the bag for support, rather than all of the weight of the bag being concentrated on sewn-on d-rings etc. which ARE BOUND TO FAIL.

Simple and rugged outers go a long way. I get more satisfaciton out of my durable, reliable bags with fewer features than I do with flashy/exotic bags that don’t have the day to day wear and carry performance to match.

Some of my favorite designs for cases/bags to look at are the Pelican and Zero-Halliburton brands of hard cases, and Timbuk2 messenger bags.