What is wrong with you people?

How the dutch cartoon debate subject and “should marijuana be legalized” made it in here I have no idea, and if you guys are students/professionals in design, either way, I was kind of disappointed to see all of this- The last time I was on here was this past spring, and it was great to put stuff on here related to ID like the prop design of the final star wars that was coming out, methods of becoming an excellent sketcher, and stuff like that, and get encouraging cool responses about ID in general. But NOW…?

I think it is great that there is a forum for these world-related sociological topics, but PLEASE DO NOT post them on here. It’s not that I’m uptight or think it’s inappropriate, I just wish someone would put up something relevant to ID, because, OH YEAH, that’s what the site is meant for. I don’t even feel like posting my original ID-related topic, because I’ve wasted enough valuable time already. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, because 90% of what I have read is coming from bright minds, but are you men/women even involved in ID? If so, post something about that next time- Thank you gratefully-


you don’t HAVE to read the less ID related posts you know… there are plenty of other posts each day.

Some of us enjoy seeing the point of view of designers on nonID topics

go away and stay away, edwards. who cares if you’re “disappointed.” this forum is OPEN and the topics that are not interesting to the IDer’s here, die out. the ones that are interesting, continue.

sorry, honey, the world is not flat. especially the world of design.

and it’s danish not dutch, narrowminded stoopido.

  1. As Travisimo points out, you’re not forced to read the post. Perhaps (since you visit this site so rarely) you don’t realise you can click on the link to ‘discussions’ and only read about the subjects which interest you.

  2. However, if you did this you would be a poorer designer because of it. Can I assume that some of the products you design are exported to Muslim countries? Or if not, then at least to countries in which Muslims live? By saying this subject isn’t relevant to ID, you are essentially saying that an issue which fundamentally affects the identities, attitudes, brand loyalties and buying decisions of potential consumers is of no interest to you. Or perhaps you think all Muslims are poor, anti-Western and wouldn’t buy your products anyway? In which case you should visit Dubai, or Turkey, or even the UK, and notice the Muslims wearing Nike sneakers, carrying Prada handbags, listening to iPods and driving BMWs.

  3. I really don’t understand how you can think an issue regarding freedom of speech has nothing to do with design. Are you aware, for example, that the Bauhaus was closed in Germany (and moved to Chicago) by the National Socialist, ie Nazi, government, who thought the teaching methods were subversive? Or a couple of days ago a story posted on Core about the director of the Design Museum in London, resigning because of (she said) too much government interference. How about the notion that a country communicates its values primarily through its culture - every time an American product is sold abroad it tells the consumer a little bit about the U.S.

  4. Why is it that people who’s time is so precious and who aren’t interested in a subject, often spend so much time writing about how their time is precious and that they aren’t interested? It’s always puzzled me…

Gotta admit it, those danish cartoonists had balls. Unfortunately their balls are bigger than their brains.

Enjoy the rest of your lives living in hiding.

I enjoy discussing many things outside the realm of design, but design is what the “general DESIGN discussion” is for. I wish those posters had taken their debates to the off-topic forum.

And Edward, if you don’t like these topics, start some new ones…it’s been slow lately!

Got to learn from Osama in that respect!

Osama who? Oh that guy. The one whose family has business with the Bush family. Now I remember.

it is simple economy…the non relate threads are way more fun. this page only has one page…the cartoon/muslim one has six!!! full of great ideas and debates. it rocks
and last but not least…the thread is about a cartoon…someone like me and you who went to school to spend a bunch of our time communicating with pens and markers…it is design related. they just chose the wrong title…it should have been called,
“how not to offend your fellow humans with the power of graphics” or "what happened to the guy who caught the game winning homerun in chicago…banished :open_mouth: …banished :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

ok something more interesting and design related.

did you know that I can use a Tsquare on top of my new 21inch cintique wacom monitor and not get the edge caught under the bezel …as was the problem on my old smaller cintique…that is really neat!

if u want more design related, stick to the registered and special interest sections that are heavily moderated to keep the content on point (which has been much better there). The general forum is kind of an anarchistic free for all where you take the good with the bad and laugh at it all,