What is with the arrogance of designers/poster on this site

I take exception to the “maybe it’s because it’s a male-dominated profession”. Comments like that are an attempt to hide behind something no one dares question for fear of being labeled homosexual or sexist.

Also – I’ve lost track of how many times my professors have said “as designers, you are supposed to have opinions” - the last thing we need is yet another blob of melted cheese on wheels, another iPod imitator, another bloopy revolved spline (thank you yo - or maybe ykh, whoever came up with that). Someone who doesn’t have their own set of opinions is pretty useless in most fields.

Out of curiosity, what does pade do for a living?

you are all stupid and should grow up or kill yourselves because if you design things you make for business. design won’t save the world nor does it stop people from riding horses to work…btw the horse comment was retarded…a designer did not make the cultural acceptance of cars a reality, the efficiency and economic affordability made cars pervasive, not design and that had way more to do with engineering and mfging and business than design …get over yourself. btw I am a professionally employed designer and because I have been ripped on this site before I will say to the high design people I have design awards from IDmag and IDSA plus my professional experience… design isn’t more important to people and business and government because of the that high minded, elitist BS. it is perfectly unattainable and the speak kills it for the masses because when it comes down to it most design that designers seems to like is in opposition to the needs and wants of the mass public…take for instance walmart…designers hate that place but the PEOPLE love it.

I agree with the person who posted the question. It is a problem with the profession…it has become exclusionary without the ability to recognize it…either that or the most of the “humanitarian” people on this site are naive students…which I am starting to think is completely true.

there you go

So which are you choosing?

I’m with you Arclight, seems like a rather sexist position to take, to sugest that the faults of an entire proffesion are based on gender…you might say it is rather arrogant to make such an assumption?

I still think you are reading too deeply into the web bravado that get’s slung around in an online community where people can be as anonymous as they like and claim to have all kinds of awards and experience without having to back it up.

Oh, and glad you liked the revolving spline comment… I thought I was being rather clever for once with that one.

Confident? Yes. Arrogant? No.

Our business is selling ideas. How can we sell our ideas if we are not confident?

Our profession is not like say, an accountant. We don’t base our decisions in bare data. Wee need to convince a client of decisions that sometimes are irrational, visceral, and we have to be convinced of the bullshit we sell. You need a good deal of arrogance to convince people of irrational things, and you can often find reflexions of that (self imposed) confidence in our everyday behaviour.

And who are you anyway pade? I mean, what is your profession?

here’s the thing about the interweb, there is no inflection or tone to be read so more often than not when someone says/types something it is read as literal as possible.

I am personally a very cynical, sarcastic, jerk who really enjoys a good pun. In real life this works for me because i am also very caring and attentive, so i will make jokes and such to you if i read that you are open to them; i have the capacity to be completely profesional when need be, but usually try to lighten the mood when anyhthing gets too serious (probably why i am not a hostage negotiator or brain surgeon)

On the internet i am JUST a self righteous, cynical, sarcastic jerk**.** BECAUSE there are no HTML tags for sarcasm and i have no desire to sit at a keyboard and edit and plan what i am going to say, i generally respond with whatever i would actually say in the “real world” full of sarcasm or not.

The “real world” and the internet are incredibly different, the internet offers you the safety and comfort to saywhatever you want, to whom ever you want, whenever you want to. Can you imagine if people spoke as freely in life as they did on the internet, Everyone would be walking around with black eyes.

Take the internet with a grain of salt

Nahmeen Brah?

Do you think the accountants have such heated debates on their websitre?

Next to getting paid to play sports, getting paid to design stuff is pretty cool even if it might never make you rich. If it’s a big pay day your after, stuff yourself into a suit and head down to wall street.

Maybe its the insecurity thing, Oh I’m really great, why doesn’t anyone else think so? I’ll ram it down their throats then!!!

You want controversy? go finger yourself dear