What is with the arrogance of designers/poster on this site

I recently (today) was browsing for discussion groups on product/furniture design and have never(except for dwell magazine) come across such a group of haughty and arrogant group of posters(save for a few kind ones). Christ has come, only many fold, I guess. What is it about this field that you need to have such big heads? It seems to be the trend in architecture and business also. Maybe it is because your field is a male dominated culture. Why are only you right? A little bit of humility and cooperation might be in order…


I have many many times wondered about this myself!!!

it is propably in the nature of the job to be arrogant…

Pade, many would agree with you, but not me. Remember if it was not for designers you would have rode to work on a horse this morning!
Also please do not lump me in with Architects and “businessmen” - Thanks.

hahahaha. That was funny. In any community you’re going to have arses. The only ones who are uptight are the ones who can’t deal with these arses. If you’re talking about learning some humility, learn from your own comments and shrug it off, instead of grouping everybody into a negative exageration. If you can’t learn to do this, then I suggest you find another profession, because in this profession you’re going to be surrounded by cocky premadons that have an unlimited supply of criticism.

i’m guilty.

When I post something here I’m looking for CRITICS, not a pat on the back.

Design is fundamentally about CRITICAL THINKING. Critiques are probably THE main input into the problem-solving process: it’s how we narrow an infinite number of possibilities into THE solution.

Don’t make the mistake of calling that arrogance.

Something about core brings out the worst for some reason. Perhaps the lack of rules brings out the more mannerless side.
It is easier to criticize than create and post what you do

Truth is, there is alot of arrogance going on everywhere, but less so than ever in history, because there is no other phenom other than evolution per se of the human.

Subjectively, I am tired of the barbarians, and I enjoy the appearances of compassionate, sensitive yet still strong humans. I hope there is more progress soon in this, and yes this is the definition of progress.


Maybe the soup tastes better with a few people stirring the pot.

We don’t live in an ideal world where nurturing is the rule. I agree there are a few anti-social individuals, but this is on line and in a field where ego and competitive forces combine, there will be some “unpleasantries” on occasion.

I don’t deal with may architects, but in common with design in genral, there is often a driven nature of the individuals, and mediocrity is discouraged.

Businessmen, of course draws on a larger pool of people and could be called an over generalization. I personally try to be civil and offer my opinions when I think it will help the discussion. I usually reserve sarcasm for those who openly invite it. Of all these catagories of people, I fit in businessman more than designer, mainly due to how I spend my time, but five people get paychecks with my signature and my respect.

TF :sunglasses:

Its simple - design is an artform.

It always has, and always will be open to far more heated discussion, interpretation, and differing opinions than other professions. Plus I don’t know about others here but I enjoy a good heated debate, its good practice for when I need to defend a design or an idea in the real world.

Arguing over art, design, music, fashion, and architecture will always outway discussions about accounts payable, shipping, sales, and other business arenas.


How many industrial designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

1 - You just stand there and the world revolves around you.

O Lord protect us from cocky premadons!

Pade, man, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean, if I AM the best designer, and maybe even the best person ever to have walked the earth, then it CAN’T be arrogant to say that, right? I mean, come on. Just because I have all the answers and my opinions are so informed and well thought out that they are pretty much fact doesn’t mean that I am haughty and arrogant. I maybe perfect, but I’m not arrogant.


Some people call it arrogance, I call it a belief in ones abilities

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard designers say “I came up with the idea and now this company will make millions” or “If it weren’t for designers, we would still be living in the dark in a cave.” Please, someone said it before, we are just cogs in the wheel. As for coming up with the idea, great, now it needs to be manufactured. How are you going to finance that? Where is your labor coming from? Who is going to handle that? Now you have produced a few million parts, how are you going to distribute them? Where are you going to sell them? How are you tell people they are for sale? Again, what about labor? Edison said it - 1% inspiration and 99% persperation. Personally, I don’t now where the arrogance comes from, especially with architects.

For “businesspeople”, I can see the arrogance because they have the power. I have said it before, design is the bitch of marketing. Marketing is usually charged with defining the product, although sometimes design is a part of the process of definition. They say what the product is and say yes or no to any idea coming from design. And before the attack dogs are let loose, yes there are exceptions to this and some of your more innovative products come straight from design. I am talking about the everyday reality of product development and commercialization.

it might be a chicken and egg problem, but for a country that decides to have an arrogant shit as a president you can’t expect too much.

True that.

…Wait, did you just find a category that Designers and W share in common?!

iab -good post


they all want to create a new world order that fits their bill.

… kind of like Chris Bangle you mean?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

he might have changed BMW, but i haven’t seen him throwing paint buckets on other cars in photoshop.