What is with the arrogance of designers/poster on this site?

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take bangle with you when you go…

here’s what i think. I have a really “big head” when it comes to my own work. I really do feel like i’m better than most. That said, it shouldn’t be said again. Or out loud. Thats the point. Being outwardly humble is a huge part of winning over clients, teachers, whatever. It can be your’e own secret. Plus, if others do not agree, you have not made an ass out of yourself with trumped up talk. That’s my thinking anyway!

i have no clue about this thread. but anyone posting as “sweetcheeks” has to be cool. :slight_smile:

it can’t happen in a serious design environment. you’re bound to have some sorta personal input if you want to succeed as a designer. if you don’t provide innovative ideas you’ll always remain a second or third rate designer. a forging personality that doesn’t really bother. that’s another story. i mean if you’re just sitting around doing nothing, mp3ed from 8 to 5 or not wasting any brain cells for creative thinking. that’s horrible.

your own secret - sounds like having hiv or some sorta of a wierd vd disease like herpes!

yeah, and as always the godfather sending us his nickers!

maybe one more category:

maybe the egos you’re noticing just stems from good ol’ insecurity.

design is competitive, in schools, in work- nobody wants to admit that they sometimes suck, (or even always suck) at design for all sorts of reasons. and since nobody ever mentions it, the individual isn’t encouraged to be vocal about any insecurities they might have. all you will see is everyone’s ‘confidence’ and their assertiveness whether they actually have it or not, it’s part of American culture.

“Shake that hand firmly-” and so on and so on.
The shy kid is always encouraged to make friends and play. The loud kids aren’t encouraged to be shy.
We are not a humble culture I believe. We’re haughty in our roots. and I think designers succumb to that atmosphere for survival. you can’t get a job being super quiet and humble about your work. you get it from making sure everyone knows who you are, and how ‘good’ your shit is.
even if its not… at that point its not even about that.

the post above is very true. and not to mention the alliances that are made in the work environment either secretly or overtly. the bossy attitude is not just in US but what is unique and ironic about US’s situation is that they say it’s the most progressive country when philosophically it really isn’t. corporate US is run by people who live in virtual caves; they just wear a nice outfit to look sharp and proper.

I’ve gotten jobs because of what the employer wanted that I could provide.
I hand over my portfolio, without much discussion, relay their interests and how I can accomodate their needs. My ego isn’t even overtly concerned in these issues at this point. If I were to come off forceful, I may not get the job(even if I did the selling of my goods is usually a disappointment later if I’ve exaggersated my qualifications).Most employers want to know that you have their best interest at heart. And that you take care of your needs so they don’t have to worry about you.

Shy or bold and pushy isn’t where the deal is locked.
In fact, it’s quite different.

The deal is locked in on clientele or job procurement with ‘how well’ you add to the discussion rather than voice your own needs.

Those who are aggressive usually start by their own accord with their own business. Their world needs to mirror themselves.

Those who are aggressive and self indulgent without the talent are simply selling the package, rather than the product.
This is where we’ve gone wrong.
I don’t care how you brand or market ‘s_it’, it’s still ‘s_it’.

Even if they are talented, this is still distateful and embarrassing.

This is where I find the new generations of designers to be sadly mistaken in their motives:“power/money”.
They’ll do anything to get it as long as they are the ‘big shot’ ego in the end.

There seems to be no drive for the ideas behind it, rather the hot shot one item, one hit wonder, quick fix, easy money, one liner, pared to nothingness idea of the paperclip where industrial design has gone astray.

It’s the ego rather than the context and “addition-to” and “all-and” rather than “either-or” world of design.

Universality to help the social good of the whole has been replaced by the star single idea guy: to make you famous…

So what’s that all about?
Short term memory…

(note that i do not advocate all desigers fit into this role)

Who cares what Chris Bangle says?

What do you say?

I do think “the deal” for getting hired is based on giving the employer what they need and employers hiring for that reason. But what qualifications you have has to also be coupled with reassurance that the employer is making the right choice by choosing you.

This reassurance is indeed at times a degree of confidence, not really ego that the potential employee may vibe off. What I’m trying to pose (going back to your very first statement about egos and designers) is that maybe it isn’t always egos you’re witnessing or rather referring to, but just the revolution of a more sophisticated desperate worker trying to just get a job.

Maybe designers aren’t naturally snobs, but just born and bred in this system where sometimes all you have is your own confidence and a strong desire for others to notice you just for the good ol’ J.o.b.


i don’t know… maybe we are just snobby bastards??? egotistical sons of bitches… haha

yea should be yeah

‘Sophistocated’ workers(job applicants) have turned us into lawyers and chess players.

I posit that these changes have created monsters of a media frenzy out of marketing ourselves into perfect images that can’t possibly become real and the more we create the effigy, the ideal, the icon the more we try to prove that it is true.

So the Ego goes…

Since when has branding to create a single identity personable entity ever rang true?
Since when did lying, putting your best face forward while hiding the other cards your holding ever become the way in which we do business?

Why is it such a crime to say, I’m really not very good at that or that My strengths lay somewhere else? Why do we have to be all knowing, all perfect creatures?

Why can’t we just be who we are as fallible, sometimes inspired designers?
Why can’t the accident be as important as the intentional?

What about diversity and complicated people who are sometimes wrong about things…

Just a though :bulb:

a little arrogant of you to say what someone elses user name should be don’t you think? :wink:


yeah as in YEAH!!!
was a compliment - - -Yo
don’t you wink at me
you little smiley face

calm down on pade, have fun with the conversations

we are communicating (mostly) as anonymous designers. of course it is easy to be cock-sure and arrogant whilst sitting behind a safe computer screen. I assure you, these people would be a lot different in the flesh.
forums like these can not be used to judge industry characteristics (apart from our awful spelling)

back to it.

sorry, it’s hard to crack a joke over the internet, that’s why I had to add the: :wink:

well ill be holding a sucky sketch award of the year.

(or maybe a “sorry project/design” of the year) lets put our real names on it too and start establishing a new wave of self-deprecating designers.
being we’re so serious n’ all…
we’ll start recognizing only the “imperfections” about all of us artists. laugh at each other…it’ll be a blast!!! we can even put them up in the other discussion groups and remark how fantastically brilliant they are- get everyone riled up. even feeling better about their own skills.

hm…what other imperfections can we have awards for?

not true.