What is with the arrogance of designers/poster on this site?

I recently (today) was browsing for discussion groups on product/furniture design and have never(except for dwell magazine) come across such a group of haughty and arrogant group of posters(save for a few kind ones). Christ has come, only many fold, I guess. What is it about this field that you need to have such big heads? It seems to be the trend in architecture and business also. Maybe it is because your field is a male dominated culture. Why are only you right? A little bit of humility and cooperation might be in order…


I wouldn’t read into the web-bravado, I also would not make such a gender based generalization.

So, why did you chose to put this in the Furniture Design Forum?

I am not sure you understand design.

I feel that it is a field that is based on opinions. Using school as an example. Students in an ID program, were not graded a “B” for getting 16 out of 20 questions right on a test. They were graded on the opinions of the teacher, dealing with, a number of factors… function, form, presentation blah blah blah
Options are what people give on the site. Some may be harsh, and some may not. Either way its just an opinion and I feel anyone in the design world can take it wether it is + or -. Its just how it is. :cry:

i secretly do believe designers have big heads whether they admit it or not. most designers start out as the kids in school that could always draw better than the other kids. we basically get to do something fun for a living and feel a lil superior about our talent/fun/creativity/art/whatever.

and as a woman designer, (industrial) yes it is male-dominated, and yes i’ve seen some pretty big testosterone egos in the workplace and even among design professors when i was in school. no male can ever explain to you what its like for a female designer to be in the field, if you think some of these guys are arrogant, they probably are.

I still don’t think it has anything to do with being a guy, and I think that even using phrases like “testosterone egos” is highly sexist. What if a guy came in here and said your estrogen made you a timid designer? That would not be cool either.

I’ve seen plenty of female designers steamroll other people with their individual opinions.

but it is a presumptious proffession by nature. You have to beleive that you have a beter idea in order to convince other people to spend possibly millions of dollars to tool, ship, ditribute, and market your concept. wether it is you idea alone or a team, I think that requires a high degree of confidence in one’s own thinking. You need to beleive that you can do better than what has come before, or nothing will evolve.

Doesn’t make the temper tantrums right, in fact they are counter productive, there are better methods to get your way.

i guess its hard to not use that term (testo) when you’ve always been the only woman in an all male teams that sometimes show their more sexist side without even knowing it. it doesn’t help that i’m super small, and extra young either.

There is a better way?
The cream rises to the top.
Isn’t that enough?
Why gloat?
It’s unbecoming and rather embarrassing for those watching while infuriating that so much space would need to be taken up by one person.
I find it unfortunate that the women (sometimes willingly) take on this role as an aggressor. This testosterone is an adoloescent behavior not necessarily beneficial for a productive society or workplace: it’s why we have become the Ugly American. You might say I would reccomend these 18 to 25 year olds should be given some other way of getting this agressiveness out. Certainly our problems in the world with this aggressiveness is why we are in wars today. I don’t think our society should be based on this as being the predominant force in our workplace or our culture and placed on a pedestal for all to aspire to.

Maybe we can learn, maybe we can teach ourselves something new…
Humility goes much farther, quietly knowing ones success is a good option.

I honestly have no idea where you’re going with this.

if testostrone is a technical word for anger what is the technical term for humility? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like your issue is not design related, but I’ll take a stab at it. It’s a historical fact that matriarchies are just as, if not more violent than patriarchies. Testosterone does have aggressive side effects. However, social structures and upbringing play a far greater role in how a PERSON treats and reacts to others.

It is design related.

I don’t know many other fields in which the ego is so inflated as architects, product designers(furniture/auto - - - -probably not toy design as there is some crossover to children). You are right to note matriarchal societies, more slavery is prevalent in them, but that’s not what I’m getting at.

I am specifically referencing the overtly ego oriented culture of design: “look at me”. It usually is a teenage high school boy attitude. I just don’t like it. While I can tolerate and enjoy it in small children, I find it appalling in the design community. Ive noticed other fields of design:interior/crafts seem more interested in a quality of life which I find fascinating. The arts drives the ego, the crafts drive for the outside/other. It’s a bit more socially friendly. And I wonder why.

Basically what I am saying here is that I would like to see a more ‘generous’ attitude when it comes to sharing the wealth.

This includes ‘curiosity’ as I’ve seen in other posters notes and consideration in other peoples ideas and desires.

Signing off


I think I agree with the general idea you are beating around, and I hope that you will be an example of this on these boards.

I guess you don’t work with engineers, marketing people, administrative asistants or deal with the corporate world in general.

From my experience so far (6 years), designers in a corporate enviroment are the complete opposite for the most part.

i disagree.

Thats nice.

Care to elaborate?

good companies rely on your thought process in concept realization and right now very good product development skills whether you’re senior or junior doesn’t matter, it’s just essential in this market. a good ceo if he/she’s infact smart will take advantage of that and won’t let others screw with your environment. but that didn’t happen in my case.

designers get very insecure when they find out you’re in their team and you have better lead qualifications specially coordination and skill area. they forget about team work and start ganging up on you.

i finished a project that normally takes three guys around three months in just two weeks. i even did all the cad for 19 products in three months while the cad guy in the engineering dept was wanking off doing 1 product in two months- and that was only the cad part- no design. that pissed off the other designers, the supervisor, and the cad guy and they started giving me this snob attitude bullshit that the supervisor has told them it’s up to them if they want me to be on the job, so i told them i’m gonna start designing for their competitor in a week anyway while they make up their stupid little mind! the word got to the fuckin’ ceo.

the company is in bad shape now. because the designers totally suck and the concept development there is like throwing stones in a well. the ceo who came to rescue it by firing almost 1/2 people in the company quit about a couple of months after i left. they really screwed up in china because none of the designer were interested to go there and work with the chinese factory under contract- very lousy attitude in general, they kept repeating we’re a big company and the chinese didn’t like them. so the chinese sent back the prototypes all done wrong and lost all the 1:1 dwgs off the cad work i did. so i laughed and told the senior designer who was a total fuck head china is a big country.

a new ceo came tried other things like singing folklore but it didn’t work. and the tsunami took care of the rest (they had factories in tailand and indonesia also).

i thanked god that day for his favor. yeah!

some people never learn.[/b]

^my post.

Wow, some people never do learn. I can’t beleive you would post something like that and then take credit for it UFO. I think pade was refering to arrogance not ignorance.

don’t pull the politics shit on me. when some people die - specially muslim belief - they return to god. when a disaster strikes god has his own reasons. when companies go down because of the same disaster they just go down.

the two have no common ground in muslim belief and if there is a common ground from your point of view- well- tough luck. because if god takes my life i’ll be happy. i’ll go to him.