What is this material- Nike free side webbing

Hi all,

I’m curious what type of webbing this is. Maybe webbing is not the correct term as it looks like its diecut. i’m referring to the purple section. It has a nice finish too it, almost waxy like. Some sort of coated nylon sheet?



Looks like some sort of TPE to me? I’m not a shoe designer, so I’m not sure. Good looking material though, I’d be curious to find out what it is too.

Here are two more detail shots. I did a search for “nike free run” on this site.

That sandwich look makes me think it’s a composite. Maybe a felt with a TPE top coat?

They offer the same shoe with that die cut “mesh” in leather and suede too.

Yeah i could see it as a tpe laminate. I wanna try a similar material for a bag design. Hopefully can get to the bottom of this.


Looks like a standard pu material, microfibres or other type of backing to me. Nothing special. What most shoes are made of. Some suppliers include nan ya or San fang from Taiwan among many others.


@rkuchinsky Thanks for the valuable tip!