what is the role of HR in design consulting firms?

Hi, I got a quick Qs for all of you .
Recently graduated, and looking, I had to deal with some HR people.
I wasn’t so clear of their role in hiring process.
Do they look at both samplers ( for design ) and resume to select the possible candidates? Or Is it just resume?
What I am curious is if they look at the design samples and make some sort of evaluation before passing them to the actual design managers? ( but how do they determine? I mean they are HR, after all…not professionals? )

…the kind term for the role that HR plays in a design firm is gatekeeper…they are more benign than thier corporate counter-parts.

In some cases the HR people are acutally designers also- especially in smaller firms. They are just wearing two hats.

mrd is correct though - besides dealing with internal HR issues they act as gatekeepers for the numerous resumes and internship requests that come in.

It is extremely important for new graduates to put their absolute best foot forward. My firm is very small and not in a design “hotbed” however we still get 4 or 5 resumes or internship requests every week. I can only imagine what the larger more prominent firms deal with.