what is the role of a project director?

i am a little puzzled at this description at a job that i am looking at…what does the project director position mean? i understand that this position is higher than the project manager but below the creative director…insights anyone? thanks

I’d like to know as well. If anyone can describe the differences between them all as far as responsibility and job description that would be great. I feel like all these titles are used interchangeably depending on where you go.

Unfortunately there is no set terms on job titles, so sometimes you end up with some that don’t make sense. This is the first time I have heard of a project director. Do you have the job description for this position (maybe from the advertisement to fill it?

well…i am in the midst of negotiation and developing the job description with the firm…the term/title was coined by the firm it our latest round of negotiations…

briefly, they were looking for some senior designers and project managers to add to their east asian office…they have had limited success with local staff and when i got in touch with them, they were surprised to find me,a local, that has had 10 years experience here in the US…i indicated that i was interested in the pm positions but also extremely interested in the business development aspect of things…

so the initial chart that was drawn up had me sitting below the creative director and the regional principal…i am to work with the cd on the design end of things for projects and work with the principal on biz development…with the PMs and project teams under me…the long term goal is to “groom” me to grow in to a principal position…

it seemed that this is a “new position” and they’ve had to write the job description up according to where they felt i was showing interest in growing as i shared during my interview…

what do you think of this hierarchy? and the opportunity?

That is a tough one since there is usually no space between a manager and director at least in terminology. How about either Design Manager or Design Director?

to me, a project director/manager is more business/officework than a creative director or design manager/director. usually someone more working with things like budgets, schedules, internal/external resources and such rather than actual creative work.

just my opinion, but if you will be doing more creative (ie. design) work, id go for a design director position that could still be below creative director. that being said, your description of the job does mention biz development, so maybe its appropriate.

im not so sure how your position of project director would be above a principal designer. to me that doesnt really make sense as usually a principal is also an owner with very few people above them (maybe CEO, Managing Director, etc.).

if its a good job opportunity with a company and salary you like, i wouldnt worry too much about the title. from my perspective, they can call me “head pencil sharpener” if they like, as long as im getting the right pay, enjoying my job and have opportunities to grow.

if you are not to fond of the title, you can always try to suggest a new one. if this is a new position, why not go for something that at least sounds different and maybe more accurately describes you/your job. how about “head design ideas guy” or “creative smart man”:wink:

in my experience in business small and large i have come across so many titles and heirarchies that to me they dont mean much. For example, in asia, its not uncommon for pretty much anyone outside of production line workers to be some sort of manager… some companies go nuts with titles like “big dog”… others just have so many levels of “product managers” “product directors”, “product creation managers”, etc. that its impossible to figure out where someone is at without an org chart.

best of luck!