What is the rate of employment in Australia?

I am going to do my masters in multimedia design… so i want to know about the job opportunities after completion of the course… and also i want to know about the job market in Australia as the job market in USA and UK are really low…

I would also like to find out more about job opportunities in Aus. I would assume that the market is just as bad over there, and there are probably fewer design vacancies going (due to the smaller design scene compared to the UK/US). It’s all about standing out if you want to succeed at the moment.

5.1% Which is likely somewhat of a broad stroke so for a particular niche it may be more difficult to determine.

Here’s an idea of what is going on over here.

I graduated with a bachelor of ID in March. Before I finished uni (Nov 09) I found a job through the Saturday newspaper and I am now currently approaching my 1 year mark with this company as our only in house designer. I primarily do 3D modeling of parts for my company and OEM products for other companies, which I then design die casting tooling for and we manufacture in house. I’m also working on other new products and have done probably 3-4 weeks worth of sketching in a year.

Of the other people I keep in contact with who did my degree, one is working in exhibition design, one went to the uk to work for a big design company, one went to Queensland from South Australia (see google maps) to get a job, one is tutoring at the uni we went to a few others are doing more study and a few are working retail etc/ trying to find work/ travelling.

There are jobs out there in my state, but they are looking for very specific skills, e.g. certain software or certain manufacturing processes (e.g. plastics). If you look on seek.com.au or careerone.com.au you can search by state (Sydney is in NSW, Melbourne is in VIC). Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne would be the best bet for ID jobs. There are a few good jobs for junior designers in Sydney at the moment.

I think overall it’s not too bad, but manufacturing is not going too well in Australia at the moment. We have a huge influx of Chinese products which we have to compete with and on top of that, the Aussie dollar is doing really well against the US dollar which has devalued our exports. The sales and marketing guys in my company say we need the Aussie dollar to lose value for our industry to really pick up.

Some of the big Australian manufacturers/design consultancies


Thanks Azrehan… for this information about the consultancies for design… i am last one month to search this… after all i get that…

Are there any design and innovation (so not aesthetic-heavy) companies here in Australia?

Also how do you think the best way of applying for jobs to places like design-industry is like?

I know proen are very “back end” design oriented. They are very concerned with the working of products rather than just pretty sketches.

I have only been out of uni for 1 year, so I could’t give you a very in depth analysis, but my plan is to work in house for either my current company or move on after a few years and work for a bigger company for 2-3 years before I even think about applying for jobs at consultancies or going out on my own. I think the consultancies would prefer someone with more in depth knowledge than a straight out of uni graduate.

At the moment I am learning about metal casting techniques, mould tooling and pumping a lot of cad, so I will be looking for a position with a company that works with different materials and do more concept sketching and prototype work as my next job.