what is the point?

how many more chairs do We need?
I will never design a chair again, whats the point of it all?

what is the point doing an id degree too ? better off doing a mech. eng degree with the i.d. module in the final year and maybe a language option in chinese. maybe we need new chairs for the majority of i.d. graduates to sit down and think, ‘why did i do i.d. again ? mmmm…and where are all the i.d. jobs ? hey, i like this chair though, nice fillets’

thanks for the emotional up and down on that read…atleast it ended with a smeark.

Because obviously we haven’t gotten it right yet.

existential angst?

who cares how many chairs there are. if you want to design another one, thats a good enough reason. in the grand scheme of things no occupation is worth more than any other. if theres no point to ID theres no point in anything. glass half empty.

Why not? We do a lot of sitting.

There are as many good chair designs as their are people x the number of days in their lives… roughly. So I think their is still some room.

Each person has individual needs and desires that vary from momment to momment and while some may overlap or be similar to someone else’s, they never are quite the same.

If people felt there was a chair overload, we probably would have stopped somewhere around the queenanne wing chair. The quest for originality and innovation is always the most difficult in market segments that are thickly populated with product, but it makes the result of that struggle for the new all the more rewarding and rich in depth. In other words you actually have to work at it instead of just going wiht the third or forth thing you think of.