what is the optinum amount of RAM ?

Heya ! How much RAm should I buy to put into my notebook PC for designing consumer products; and is it wise to take 3rd party RAM ?

I think the best is 7
although you could do with 3 or more, as long as it’s 3rd party

…optimum is as much as you can afford…time is more than just money.

its pretty standard for most computers these days to have one or two gigs of ram. If you are looking to do extremely large renderings, video, or audio production, then you are going to want about 4+.

The more you can add the better things will go. On some programs you can get around the memory issues if you have a large enough hard drive. I know 3D studio allows you to create temp files on the hard drive to catch overflow from the memory.

You can never have too much memory.