What is the next function to be integrated into new products

What’s the next thing pasted onto new products?

  • MP3 player
  • Television
  • More clocks
  • Internet browser
  • Radio
  • GPS
  • Cameras

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The Oakley thread inspired me to see what everyone thinks will be the next function that gets integrated into (or pasted onto?) new products. Remember those days that everything in the kitchen suddenly needed a clock on them? Stove, microwave, toaster over, radio, phone, clock on the wall.

I’m not sure if people in the States have seen this, but during our CFL playoffs LG advertised a new fridge with integrated TV. Now we can watch TV on 100 different appliances, YES!

Feel free to suggest new items for the poll.

Edit: I’ve added the GPS and cameras to the poll

I think we might see some integration of cell phone capability into other portable products.
For instance SCH-V770

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first we need to make sure everything gets a camera, we got cellphones down, PDA’s and some keychains, but how about your wallet, or your toothbrush? :wink:

I am sure that homeland security will make sure that GPS tracjers are in everything we have. Be careful next time you go to the dentist to have a cvity filled :smiling_imp:

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