What is the first impression ! ?

Hi people!

You see lots of cars on the road,big cars, small cars, grandies, super cars etc. Most important of all they gives us an impression, and that’s why we like it, we “buy it”.

Now here’s a tricky one:

  1. What is your first impression on a cheapest car & small one at the same time?
  • view point from consumers
  • view point from marketers
  • view point from designers of course
  • kid’s point of view

    If your smart enough to get the hint of what i am talking about, (i’ll keep it open, as in not to direct it to a particular brand i would say. ) :smiley: :sunglasses:

View from Consumers (me personally): Junk. Probably won’t fit my 6’5" frame.

View from Marketers: Economical, both in affordability and cost of ownership.

View from Designers: Dependent on the model for sure. Mini: lots of design and tradition there, almost like you have to like some part of it if you are a designer. A Kia… probably not the first choice of most (not all of course).

kid’s point of view: Lame.

  • view point from consumers: If that thing uses a whole parking lot I’m scratching it.

  • view point from marketers: we can ride the Green paranoia wave on this one, except we won’t mention that it will fall apart in 2 years. Then we sell them the next one. Buy two get free iPhone!

  • view point from designers of course: this is the hands down the best car ever made, everything is reinvented including the wheels. I much rather design cars like these than Italian roadsters! Yeah… much much rather…

  • kid’s point of view : I hope dad can afford something cooler than that.