What is the clear material used here?

What does Rubbermaid use as the clear material in this product?


Is there anything that clear that is still suitable for a box and lid what has a living hinge? Or would it be better to bond something other pliable material for the hinge?

hey it could be polycarb

Focus your search on clarified polypropylenes for integrated lid/hinge (not what Rubbermaid is using).
This is just one example: http://www.clearpp.com/


“Easy Clean: Durable shatterproof plastic resists stains & odors for lifetime of clarity.”

That’s marketing talk for polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate makes a lousy living hinge. It has some flexibility when it’s thin, but will eventually crack at the hinge.

I agree with the recommendation for clarified PP. There are some guys selling ultra-clarified (water clear).

I’d guess PET. Cheaper than PC with excellent impact resistance if you drop it.

Does not living hinge well.

I’m thinking polycarb

if you want a living hinge, you are pretty much limited to PP, PET or an elastomer



You could use a BPA free polycarb (not sure if it exists as a PC, but similar to RKS’ KOR water bottle) and then have the living hinge and cover molded as as a 2nd shot.

Well mp,

I just happen to have one of these containers, the 9cup model. The material’s Resin Identification Code (RIC) of both the bottom and lid is “7-Other”.

From the Rubbermaid website: “Rubbermaid Premier is made with a type of non-porous plastic called polycarbonate…” What the lid is molded from is not referenced.

On the Lid, the clear portion (more than likely polypropylene) is co-molded onto the opaque “rim”. I would guess that it too is polypropylene, but it has a distinctive “tacky” feel to it which is uncharacteristic of PP; not “tacky” as in “sticky”; if you drag your finger along the surface there is a great deal of friction. Polyurethane comes to mind, but I am unaware of any food-grade formulations in use. The only other material that comes to mind would be a formulation of Vinyl. Although used in Intervenous (IV) bags, vinyl(s) are coming under a great deal of scrutiny because of environmental concerns about the plasticizers used to make them flexible (phthalate esters). But again, PVC bears the RIC number 3, not “Other”.

Which leads me, finally, to believe that the lid on this Rubbermaid product is molded of Unobtainium.

With regard to living hinges, I was curious if the material on ketchup bottle lid (which has a great self-closing, living hinge detail) in my refrigerator was identified and found this name on the bottom of it: REXAM.

Surprising really, it isn’t often that you find a suppliers name on another company’s product; in this case Hunt’s Ketchup. BTW, the clear, squeezable bottle is PETE (but not labeled with REXAM).


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