What is the Cheapest way to display a variety of images?

Does anyone know the cheapest way to show series of (2-5) color images/photos by pressing buttons in a (3”x3” or bigger window) electronic device besides using LCD technology?

You can do linticular but that is only 2 images with a motor.

Another way is to do like a videogame type of display as in a gameboy.

how about old school like a viewmaster? (backlit color transparency). all you need a is a small light, cant get cheaper than that.


THX rkuchinsky,

If I wanted to make the images bigger the inner mechanism would need to expand right?

You need enough leverage for the button to make the wheel spin around.

And if I wanted 2-5 images on the wheel, that would make it bigger two.

doesn’t need to be a wheel. could be a strip (like film), or any other configuration (maybe flip like a clock?). I obviously don’t know your application, so I can’t do your job for you and design it. i’m only suggesting the basic principle.


I’m not doing anything specific at the moment but I may run into this down the road and I can certainly look into the Viewmaster more.THX.