What is the best way to print portfolio images?

What would you say is the best way to present prints of your work? I have some 3-D renderings and scanned sketches and I would like to know the best way to share them during interviews. What do most people use?

The easy thing to do would be to print them out and have them spiral bound at the local Fed Ex Office, or you can go the fancy route with an interactive presentation on an iPad. I would say to consider the circumstances of any possible interviews you might be having. If there are multiple people talking to you in the same interview, having multiple copies or each project in their own booklet would be a good idea. Don’t necessarily count on them having a projector, always have a plan B for when those pesky adapters won’t connect. While you should be considerate of your audience don’t necessarily worry about what everyone else is doing and do something that suits you and you can work with to your advantage.

Let me clarify my original question. What do you use to make your prints? What would you recommend? Laser color? Digital offset? Inkjet? Epson or HP?

If you can, fund a local digital printer with an hp indigo machine. Quality is much better than the average digital print (usually a xerox docucolor). Results are more similar to offset as the ink sets into the paper rather than sits on top and is glossy like the usual cheapie junkies kind of color copy.

Presentation on ipad is also good and easy.

Best to have multiple versions/backup. Print copy, ipad copy, PDF on USB, PDF you can email…


We’ve got 2 Epson’s in our office. A GS6000 and a stylus pro 11880. The 11880 can print up to 2880 dpi and on a variety of fabrics and papers. Stunning quality, directly out of photoshop. If you can find a shop with one of the professional quality Epson’s, you’ll be good. (Or the indigo that Richard mentioned).

But, if you’re taking prints to an interview, you need to keep in a manageable size. My prints are all Tabloid size (11x17) and I have a bound portfolio that matches the size. Everything is in a binder that I can tailor to each interview.

For presentations I use 8x12 photo prints, they are inexpensive and quick. I like them because they are durable, provide great color reproduction without any banding or dithering, and survive finger smudges when handled during meetings.

Only downside is you can’t print PDF’s, just Jpeg or Bitmap files.

If you put the images in a transparent folder: laser print.
If you will show the single paper “free and floating” the best is ink jet on glossy paper. Carefull that on glossy paper you leave finder prints which may ruin the image.
Putting glossy paper in a transparent folder is not a good idea as you will create ugly spots where the glossy paper hits against the plastic… :confused: