What is the best trash bucket you've seen?

Today after I finished up my turkey sandwich and chips at the local eatery, I noticed that they didn’t have trash cans for recycling…the other thing I noticed is that they had one of those trash receptacles with the swinging doors…really bad design…I always feel like it’s unsanitary…people leaving their greasy hand stuff on the door everytime they throw something out.

I challenge this forum to come up with some ideas…maybe even some sketches on a better designed trash can for restaurants…!!!

I will post my ideas here soon…just getting bored at work I guess.

Signing off…

there’s a simplehuman one here at work that i really like- its got the foot pedal and evrything, but instead of slamming down it comes down softly- none of that annoying clang.

ahh yes the dampening is a must
I don’t know how a foot pedal and the accompanying mechanism would stand up to the traffic and abuse it may see in a resteraunt setting.

oops, didn’t read the full original post.

The trash bins at most fast food places aren’t that bad. Sometimes though, the hole to put the trash in is too small- and there’s no way to recycle.

Paris Hiltons mouth.

Wow. I’m so embarrassed for you right now.

There’s no usually any kind of recycling set-up, but then you don’t want to rely on people to recycle…unless, a fastfood place would hire somebody to sort through garbage, you’re going to end up with a lot of contaminated batches…and you don’t want any people standing in fornt of the garbage can during lunch hour rush, thinking if paper tray soaked in tomato sauce goes into paper recycling bin or general garbage bin. I think a way to think about it would be to design food and packaging in such way that it all could be thrown away together. A quickie thought would be to have compostable cutlery/cups what not in a fastfood restaurant that serves only vegetarian food. Then you haul all of the garbage to composting facility by the end of the day.

Great ideas guys…especially the paris hilton and compost ones!!!


I know fast food is horrible and I should never eat it but…

For a while now i’ve been ordering in a different way. I ask them to “make it into one”.

“I’d like a number 4 value meal, and could you make that into one?”

then they put the fries in the same package as the burger. Sometimes on the burger. Sometimes you can order a medium shake, order it half full, then put the fries and the burger in the cup with the shake. Layered, greasy, shameful, but good.

Some people call this “ordering a one-sie”

Anyway, i really like the compost idea, and i think that fast food packaging could use a major overhaul. Making it into one- probably isn’t the way to go- but it’s enjoyable.

I am getting sucked into your compost-able fast food containers ideas.

Check this out.
Recently on Sundance channels The Green series, a manufacturer in corn based %100 compost-able plastic was featured.

He claims that any packing made of regular plastic can be made of his product at no additional cost to the purchaser.

It looked pretty sweet.

That seems like the way to go because everything at that restaurant is either food stuff or packaging.

Then send this to composting facilities and finally to there farms to convert back into product.

Of course fine, organic slow-food restaurants are another option.