What is the best tablet for digital sketching?

What tablet, stylus and software would you recommend for digital sketching?

Hi Natchez,

welcome to the boards! There have been a couple of discussion about tablets in the past and you will find most of your answers there. Use the ‘search’ function to find them but I’ll tell you the best ones:




Also, Modbook is coming out with it’s new tablet version. You would have to wait a couple of months though.

Good luck!

Never seen this Modbook…Looks cool but if this is being marketed as a sketching device then why do you need 16gb of ram and all those other mods? I can’t imagine that would be that thin and it would probably be heavy as hell… Give me an iPad with a pressure sensitive pen and I’m good!

the new samsung galaxy seems to be the best one, it’s got 1024 pressure levels and a stylus