what is the best 3d software package

which 3d software package is best

  • alias
  • form z
  • solid works
  • pro engineer

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I need a 3d program that is capable of creating everything from pop displays to environments to consumer products. Right now I am thinking either form z, alias or solidworks.
Does anybody have any suggestions?
Does anybody know which one would be considered more of an industry standard?

Your question is impossible to answer.

There is no “Best” software package. Every one has it’s pros, cons, ideal uses, and limitations.

All of them are industry standards in their own respective areas. I would consider doing some research on this forum as this question comes up frequently to better understand what these packages can and can’t do.

Pencil and Paper.

Pencil and Paper.

modeling clay.

my “favorite” is the 3d program that I am able to use.

the rest are greek to me.

As it as been answered to a similar question : you are comparing apples and oranges. FormZ vs ProE ? Really ?
This as been discussed before, and on others forums.

To make a quick overview :
1 You have polygon based software (or subdivision surfaces with is roughly a way of smoothing egdy low polygons things). This is used for entertainment. Special effects in films, games, animation movies. Usually extremely realistic. Is not used for ID work because the “tiles”= the tesselation= the polygons doesnt allow for a smooth surface in real life its the render engine that smooth them.
Low cost, medium range, high end. Plenty of them. FormZ is one of those (cheap)

2 You have surface modeling software. Dedicated to this are Alias and Rhino. Tools of choice for IDers. Few apps. The realism is becoming really amazing with additional render engines.

3 And volumic, or parametric, software, that’s for R&D work. Or for IDers that also are willing and have the knowledge to sell R&D work (the “inside”) in addition to “skin design”. It’s up to you. I’ve read many times that Solidworks offer the best for the buck, as the top solutions (NX, ProE, Catia) are extremely expensive. And very complex. Visual realism in this field is usually low (but can be excellent too if renderers from categories 1 and 2 are used).

As this question seems naive to me I guess you are a student. If it’s so first thing you need to learn is how to design. How to be a good designer. Takes years. Learning the most complicated software just takes months.

Hope that helps.