What is the advantages of being in NYC??

Many people say that one of the advantages of Pratt Institute is being in NYC.

What exactly are the advantages of being in NYC?

I suppose that I will not have enough time to spend in Manhattan

because I have to spend so much time in studio.

first of all, New York City is more than just Manhattan.
I had many great culture and design experiences in the other boroughs, mainly Brooklyn.

That you ask this question is hinting something about you and your interests. Many young students who want to go to school in NYC have already a very specific idea why NYC is their choice.
It might be an interest in street culture, Music, art or lifestyle.
NYC is a somewhat a hostile enviroment. Not in terms of safety but rather because of the high living cost. It is exhausting living in NYC on a budget.

If you can not answer this question yourself, NYC might not be for you. It is not for everyone. Everybody I have met, me included, who was happy paying silly rents and fighting for roach infested apartments is in love with the city, has dreamed about living there for a long time.

Well other obvious advantages are great design studios and vibrant fashion, music and art scenes. But great design studios you can also find elsewhere.
However, if you do choose to move to New York, your in for a great and inspiring ride.

There is a time to spend in studio, and time to not spend in studio.

NYC is a hotspot of every piece of culture you can imagine. Every type of food, music, arts, sports, etc can be found somewhere in NYC. You have access too all of the museums, all of the parks, all of the shady little dive bars and night clubs, the best pizza (yeah I said it!), and no shortage of things to do. You have lots of design in the area, events like NY Design week and the ICFF, and tons of small arts and crafts type fairs - and thats just whats available to you within public transit distance (if you live pretty much anywhere else in the country you’ll more than likely need to get a car and pay insurance, maintenence, etc). If you drive upstate or out onto Long Island you have everything from winerys to skiing, and you’re located so close to two major airports that flying anywhere else in the world is rather straight forward.

It is definately extremely expensive but it certainly teaches you the black art of being completely broke. There are enough deals that once you find your favorite pizza/taco/falafel joint that only costs $4 you’ll be good to go.

Yes yes and yes.

New York is one those places where even after you live here for over 10 years, you still don’t really know how much you don’t know about it. There’s always more, always another layer to peel back. There’s all the marquee stores, and museums, and design shows and galleries and restaurants and, but it’s all the other stuff in between that hooks you. The wacky experiences that come out and find you.

As far as cost of living, the dorms or even the neighborhood surrounding Pratt are pretty affordable. You’ll spend a lot of time in the studio, but you’ll be there because you love it. And you’ll have New York City as your playground.