What is St.Louis like?

Girlfriend wants to go to St. Louis for Med degree…I’ve been a designer for two years now in Boston and not sure if I want to make the move. Can someone help and clue me in to the area, and what it’s like to live there?


University of Washington? Great Med program.

Well, St. Louis ain’t Boston, but it’s a good idea to try new things every couple of years. How good is your current job/firm?

Check out Metaphase, it’s the only place I’d consider, but it’s emphasis on HF isn’t for everyone, and who knows if they’re hiring…

Yea… it’s Washington. She wants to go, I guess I could do grad school to, not sure yet. What is St. Louis like though, the real skinny…Don’t hear allot about it. What are some cool area’s to consider finding a Apt. I like Boston but we cant afford to buy here, thats why St. Louis looked ok to me, it seems cheaper.


I’m sure PovDog and some other St. Lunatics may be a little more help in this area, but I will give it a shot

check out the loop, University City. It’s nothing mindblowing or anything, but last time I was there it was pretty cool

housing will be considerably more affordable in the St. Louis area

Washington is one of the top 5 med schools in the country right now I believe

I have been told to live in Illinois should I move down there to avoid paying personal property taxes and still reap the benefits of living in the St. Louis area. (this does not mean live in East St. Louis)

hope this was a little help, where’s some other people with better info at?

St. Louis…

Here we go, ready?

My girlfriend is from St.Louis… for the last two years I have been traveling there, and researching trying to figure out a way to move there and stay in the product design business.

As stated before, Metaphase is the only noteable design firm there…

The outskirts (west county) area is beautiful but it is a small,small,small city. The creative culture is almost non-existant.

I am not sure what to say other than this… I hope you have a lot of clients who wouldn’t mind you contracting remotely, because you will have an extremely difficult time finding opportunity in the St. Louis area.

… I finally convinced my girlfriend to move up here to Chicago…

Best of Luck!