What is Mercedes doing?

BMW: We are going to ruin 60+ years of our brand and car design history.

Mercedes designer: Hold my beer.

outside: boring, soapy, looks like a generic rental
inside: designed by a teenage gamer from 1998

Long live classic mercedes.


RIP to what mercedes used to be. Not giving this this one up.


That interior. No words.

I snapped this wheel a while ago, not sure what’s even going on here. Rim inserts with patterned logo?

“Well, there are only a few logos on the car.”

Designer: Say no more!

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The design of the new Mercedes reminds me of a blob of melting cheese, left out in the sun.

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That 220 was on the cutting edge of bling for its time- chrome around the headlights, hood ornament, chrome around the windows, a chrome strip down the side, chrome around the ac outlets, chrome door handles, chrome around the dials and every switch, the biggest logo you’ve ever seen on a wheel… no big surprise Mercedes is using LED trim- the latest in flashy technology!

I agree the new EQS does look have that too-smooth late 90s Ford look to it- and the interior looks like the perfect place to play Starcraft '98.

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Oop, better stop at the next station. Looks like we require more Vespene gas.

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Mercedes build quality has been subpar for over a decade now. Luckily, their buyers rarely check out Nissans.

Ticky Tack plastic creaks match everything else in their plastic home environment, all checks out.

I find it odd that you can buy Mercedes SUV’s assembled in Mexico.

Why would you find odd to have Mercedes assembled in Mexico?

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It’s only the GLB (Mercedes’s entry-level SUV) that’s assembled in Mexico in a joint venture with Nissan. Nissan originally opened the plant to build cheap cars like the Sentra. Apparently the partnership may not last much longer.

Yes, I know they produce an SUV in Mexico. I’m curious to know why YOU would find it odd, are you making a comment on Mexico?

I had a 1999 VW GTI that was assembled in Mexico. Ran just as well as my prior two DE-built GTI’s. Old news by now.

I have a 2009 Jetta built in Mexico. Other than the smog pump, it’s been bullet proof. No creaks in the interior.

It just feels odd, same as with anything that’s new, not a comment on Mexico. The GLB was introduced as a 2020 model and is the first Mercedes passenger vehicle assembled in Latin America. Daimler doesn’t count Aguascalientes as one of its facilities, it’s still considered a Nissan assembly plant.