What is it like working for Black & Decker:

I was thinking about applying for the Black & Decker job posted on core. I heard through several sources that there is no future there. Most of my sources have mentioned how the quality has really dropped and how they lack leadership. All of the designs in Home Depot were actually done in Europe. I want to quit my current job in the midwest, but I am having a difficult time deciding if I should take the plunge. I have also heard that they have a high turnover rate and have no real expertise in Towson and that most innovation was outsourced to the design firms.

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By “sources” are you just referring to the opinions expressed here?

“All of the designs in Home Depot were actually done in Europe”

  • not true. I freelance for a former B&D designer…based on the east coast…who has designed many of the B&D products on the shelves in the US.

Won’t hurt to apply…only one way to find out what its really like…instead of making assumptions based on other people’s opinions.

btw…the B&D job was switched to Dewalt

My source physically showed me and counted while we were at a Home Depot. Do not challenge me, I am right, you are wrong mr. freelance; you will lose. He said all innovation is done in Eroupe. Towson is questionable.

way to keep an open mind furniture chick.
because only inovation can come from europe
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good luck with your job search

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Great reply! Good luck getting any sort of helpful info after posts like this!

I don’t know about England, but DeWalt Germany only does hammers. It’s designed and made in Germany, that’s all they do over there.

Many of the designs are done in Towson. The planers, the sanders, the routers, the radio, the impact wrench, the drills, the saws and just about everything else. Even some made just for the European market. Don’t challenge me either, I spent some good time there.

They don’t have many designers in Europe. Towson is the biggest.

There are over a thousand employees in Towson, most of them being engineers, so I don’t suppose they have a couple of hundred people sitting around waiting for Europe to enlighten them.

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Ahh, can’t you feel the love?! Speaking of B & D, all I’ve heard so far is about the tools, what about their appliances, toasters, dust-busters, etc? Are they designed in Towson too?

Vacs are designed in Towson. Kitchen appliances are designed and made by Aplica then endosed by BnD.

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Ugh, I can’t even respond to this. I applied to BnD last summer for an internship sort of position, but they filled it internally, so I didn’t get a chance to see what they’re doing.

“All innovation is done in Europe” – we get that a lot here. Please go and bitch in the USA DESIGN CRAP topic instead.

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