What is Ideal Computer under $2K for Hypershot + Rhino use??

I use Rhino and Hypershot.

I’m looking to spend under $2000 on a desktop that can do hypershot sufficiently well. Any tips on what to get? I suppose it would be best to get a quad core processor and use the 64-bit OS.

Do you really need a workstation class machine? They seem to have inferior specs as some consumer desktops yet cost way more or am I missing something?

Do I need a Dell Precision with a workstation class video card or can I get a consumer Dell Studio desktop and do just fine for a lot less money?

I am looking at a quad core consumer rig or a workstation class if there is a big advantage.

Any tips on a Dell or HP and configurations that land me under $2K would be ideal.

I see i7 processors coming, are they better than Xeons?

Would an Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon be just as proficient for Rhino and Hypershot as a Quadro video card?


for under 2k actually for under 1k you can get a perfectly fine desktop.

Mine is a Quad Core Q6700(somethin like that) 6GBram and good GeForce GFX card… HS will render in about 5 min… its an HP…

cost $900 w/o a monitor

Hypershot runs off CPU power not GPU like normal renders… so with Hypershot the more RAM the faster it will render

Thats all you’ll need… maybe eventually upgrade a gfx card…

From the Bunkspeed website:

HyperShot will run on any multi-core, multi-processor machine. HyperShot will take full advantage of all available processors by pegging each CPU between 95% - 100%. As the number of processors and/or increases, the performance will also increase at near linear scale.

My understanding of Hypershot is that it relies purely on your CPU’s number crunching capacity, so get as many cores and as many processors as you can afford, and max out the RAM as soon as it arrives. Graphics cards are still useful for real-time rendering though – i.e. spinning your model around in the CAD package without it “blocking out.”

Thanks for the answers guys!

A friend turned me on to this refurb old HP xw8200 for around $630+ bucks with dual Xeons, single core CPUs and 8GB of Ram.


Would this be better than a new consumer desktop single processor dual or quad core?

Is this old high end workstation now considered obsolete compared to the cheaper new consumer desktops wtih dual core and quad core set ups?

Hard to compare cause I dunno much about CPUs and GPUs. Workstations seem awfully expensive and with less bells and whistles than consumer desktops. I was eyeing a Dell Precision but a Dell Studio with similar looking specs is way cheaper. The only thing is graphics cards aren’t Nvidia Quadros and no Xeons…if they make a difference I would notice.

Dell Studio does offer a i7 CPU though. Supposedly the latest and greatest.

I have a $2K budget but ofcourse the lower the price and higher performance the better. My Hypershot currently takes me about 30 minutes to 40 minutes at HD resolution to render on a 3 year old Pentium M Single core 2.13 Mhz Centrino laptop but it gets hot and scares me it’ll burn up like the Space Shuttle so I want to get a desktop to do the heavy lifting. The fan goes nuts when rendering so I don’t want to kill it.

Just found this on a vendor’s website under System Requirements for Hypershot:


Minimum: single-core CPU, 300MHz (limited to 1280x720 screen resolution)
Recommended: dual-core or higher CPU for HyperShot and HyperShot HD
Recommended: quad-core or higher CPU for HyperShot Pro

That jives with everything I’ve heard from the Bunkspeed reps as well: more cores = more better. I’d go for a new machine if it were me.

Yeah I would probably look for a low to mid range NVidia Quadro FX card somewhere maybe for my Rhino OpenGL shaded previews but some of these Quadro cards cost as much as a computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re primarily concerned with optimizing for Hypershot, a Quadro is a waste of money. Not that they aren’t great cards, because they are – I have one on my machine so I can take advantage of RealView in SolidWorks – but Hypershot is CPU based, as Kershaw said. As I understand it, improving the graphics card will have no effect on Hypershot’s performance.

What about spinning stuff in shaded mode in Rhino? Open GL and stuff like that. Will a non Quadro handle this just fine?

I use Flamingo on occassion too.

You could make a computer your self that is totally kick ass. Especially with 2K. I use hypershot on my laptop and it is core2 duo 2.2 ghz, 4gb ram, idk the ati radeon card, and visa 32bit. and it was a grand. So you could build yourself and make it crazy awesome. I can get employee pricing on Intel chips and board I was thinking to make something ridiculous myself.

Yeah maybe an i7 or a dual Quad core. Haha.
I want to get a 64 bit OS.

Well I use Rhino, Flamingo, and Hypershot with Illustartor and Photoshop for my ID work. The rest is typical stuff like MS Office.

Thanks for the tips. I come from an era where we bought expensive IRIX Octanes and overnight renderings so anything now looks relatively cheap and fast to me. =)

[quote=“Kershaw”]Hypershot runs off CPU power not GPU like normal renders… so with Hypershot the more RAM the faster it will render

Thats all you’ll need… maybe eventually upgrade a gfx card…[/quote]

Which graphics card do you recommend? I use Rhino, Flamingo, and Hypershot.

Search for a recent thread by Masterblaster on his PC config. He built a pretty nice i7 box for not a lot of money. 2k is a BIG budget for a desktop PC…I remember a decade ago I got my Pentium 2-400 and it was well over $3k and that was still a middle of the line box.

If you have 2k the fast CPU will definately help you out the most. You can get one of the low end Quadro cards - this way you have a certified solution and don’t have to worry about any bugs and it won’t break the bank. You can probably get away just fine in Rhino with an Nvidia gaming card as well - Avoid ATI like the plague.

So minimum quad core, or an i7 (don’t bother with the dual CPU server oriented motherboards, you’ll probably spend more and get less then an i7 setup).

Minimum 4 gigs of ram

Any Nvidia graphics card

A fast HDD setup. I prefer the raptors as a primary drive since I’m not sold on solid state just yet. Then pair that with a 7200 rpm big drive for storing your files.

Thanks guys.

I think I will try to get a Quadro Card installed eventually…but most current i7’s are GeForce or ATI’s for gaming.

Maybe the GeForces will be OK for OpenGL needs of Rhino?
Maybe configure withthe cheapest card and buy a Quadro.

Yeah my boss has $2K for me to spend on a workstation. I was originally looking at a Dell Precision Dual Xeon but a Studio XPS i7 might be better for the money? HP doesn’t have an i7 rig yet from what I can see…Maybe I hold out another month or two but I hate doing renderings off my 3 year old laptop and seeing it get so hot. =)

Crap, no Nvidia options on some of the Dell rigs.

If you call Dell, you can usually get them to put a quadro card in even though it’s not on the website. You just have to configure everything over the phone.

As far as HS goes, spinning the model and taking screen caps is all processor. If you’re actually rendering, it uses processor and ram. Get as much ram as you can afford and I would even consider going to a 64bit OS. This will allow you to utilize more than the 32bit OS limit of ~3gbs.

Go Dell or Dell Referb all the way. Just get the bad-est ass machine dell makes and later add ram… remove Vista… install EP and your in business. I would strongly recommend against any other machine. Vista is for moms.

I’ve bought my last two laptops as refurbs and though I did had a problem with an IBM, after a year and half of use I haven’t had a bit of trouble with my Dell. I pretty much had to replace my IBM in a crunch time and got a fast M65 dual core, maxed out ram, big drive, and a 512 GL video card. It was a huge upgrade for right around $1,200k. I think that would have cost around $3k new

You can buy aftermarket warranties if your worried about quality too. I think I had bought SquareTrade(?) but never had to use it, so I don’t know how the service is… cost around $90