What is Fun Foam made of?

Does anyone know what the sheets of foam that you can buy at hobby shops are made of?

I’m talking about the soft stuff that comes in many colors and often is pre-cut into shapes. You can most often find it in 8"x10" sheets, maybe even at Wal-Mart.

I have something I think that kind of foam would be great to use if I could somehow mold it. I have come across other kinds of foams that you can mix but I think they cure too hard for my purposes. I want the flexibility and relative durability of the fun foam.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Typical hobby shop foam is usually polystyrene. There are a few different types out there so you should ask a salesperson for some help.

My guess… Its made of Fun :slight_smile:

do you mean the EVA foam stuff?

Fun foam can be vaccum formed, just don’t let it get to hot that it melts. It smells a little, and i’m sure its toxic but it works.

The texture will change to something like a smooth vinyl.

I don’t know the fun foam you are talking about but my guess is it’s either EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), PU (poly urethane), or PS (polystyrene).

dunno if this helps at all. then again, like Timf suggested, being “fun” foam, it could be made of unicorns, sunshine and love.


And I thought I had stumped you guys. Don’t tell my kids it’s made of unicorns or they’ll freak.
Don’t we have some trade agreements with China about what things can be made of? We’ve got to protect dogs, leprechauns and unicorns (or no one will).

Anyway, BigJoe and jGray I think you’re both probably right. The foam seems to be EVA or Polystyrene. Forgive me, I’m quite ignorant about these things. Are they the same thing?
I ordered some poly foam (flexible) from www.brickintheyard.com and hope to receive it this week. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
I might also try a little vacuum forming, too, Jackal9699.
Thanks to all of you for the help.