What is for lunch today?


Going to the local taqueria for two fish tacos and a small bottle of Mexican Coke (sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup).

For the first time since returning from four years in Hong Kong, I ate at a Chinese restaurant. Of course the food is different (actually, thank god), but I did get to speak some Cantonese with the staff. :slight_smile:

Chicken Latino in the Pittsburgh Strip district!
Chicken Quesadilla best I’ve had

It’s payday, all you can eat sushi at Kyoto, all made to order, medium/medium-high quality, $15.00.

Food coma.

Turkey Waldorf Salad


Boring day for me. Soup and salad from the cafe here at work. All you can eat sushi sounds great. I am going out to eat crab tonight.

Leftovers. Bleh.

it’s not lunch, but I’m finishing off my wife’s Magic Roll that we picked up last night walking home in Bristol… it’s a hummus coated gyro (that looks more like a burrito) stuffed with ground lamb and haloumi cheese - so delicious!

^^^^ Looks tasty!


Roast beef/boursin/baby spinach on a hard roll, banana, water and an orange Tootsie Pop.

French Toast casserole! Breakfast for lunch baby!

JIMMY JOHNS! (#6 with pep!)

I had the new Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chic-fil-a. I wonder why it took so long for them to come out with a spicy chicken sandwich?All they make are chicken sandwiches. Did this come up in some new brainstorm?

Ugh. I ate so much Jimmy Johns in college, I can’t touch it anymore. It actually gives me a hangover. Must be some crazy mental association…

Goldfish and more Rhino/Photoshop than I care to deal with at this point.

Chris, Im the same way with Jimmy Johns. There was one right between my house and the bar, so naturally I had it on every walk home.

mmm I could go for one of those right now :sunglasses:

Thai Beef Salad

#6 no sprouts is my standard Jimmy John’s order

I had the new Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chic-fil-a.

I am so jealous. I grew up with Chic-fil-a, but they do not have them in Jersey. I have to stop every time I go down south to visit family and get my fix. I haven’t had the spicy chicken sandwich though. I normally go with the #1 Chic-fil-a sandwich.

#1 for me too. Somehow I don’t consider in the same category as fast food and grab them every time I get a chance I get. I remember people being pretty crazy about Bojangles down South too… and their sickly sweet ice tea!

OK. I didn’t have this for lunch but I just have to share… found on a Russian Mayo meme (thanks MeLovesCookies!)

Its both clever and disturbing at the same time!

I went here: