what is fair?

we did a big toy/product project for a client.
now they want us to manage the production with the vendor we refferd to them in china
what is a fair market rate for project management?

I already saved them about 9 grand by negotioating some of the pricign and modelmaking costs…
wwe got paid for the design and development but this is different
I can not even calculate how much time I am sepnding right now it looks like about 10-15 hrs a week?


Not sure of a rate (though I would imagine it should be substancially less than the design hourly rate) here is one thing to consider:

  • Travel to the factory / expenses associated with that

    Not sure if this is going to require you to do this- but that may put your other operations out of comission for a week or two… every time I have to go to asia all my other design work gets put on hold…

going to chinw will not be necessary
everything will be done electronically…