What is everyone's view on the iPod

I bought an iPod and it really was junk! Maybe I got a lemon, but it would freeze up all of the time. I really enjoy iTuns and it has changes the way that I listen to music. And what about the new mini iPod? What’s your Take on the product?

iTunes is a good way to organize everything in your collection, and I do like it. It’s a little RAM-intensive, so doing renderings or Photoshop tasks can cause iTunes to stutter. But overall it’s the best piece of free software I’ve ever used.

The iPod doesn’t interest me at this point. It’s too small to cost so much - makes it easy (and painful) to lose…

I’ve heard some stories of them not working and also people were having problems with the battery dying. I bought mine (30 gig) last summer and have used it for music and as a portbable firewire drive to my laptop.

So far, I’ve had no problems. I probably wouldn’t go mountain biking or rock climbing with it…My brother-in-law has a very cheap mp3 player that i’d consider for more active sports. It’s lighter, cheaper, but doesn’t have an interface, just a few buttons to control which song is playing, pause, and volume. About 2 or 3 dozen songs are all that would fit on it…I’ll have to track down the name.

Apple changes its model too quickly and thus prices are fickle.
People who purchase it will be seriously consider if they really need to buy
the one right now when they realized the Apple’s unexpected model will comeout in ? months.

I’m also an owner of ipod, the second version. And yes it cost way too much money. That’s why I try to use it and carry it everywhere.
Now I heard Apple has battery replacement program with $99.
Which is very good decision because they have newly launched the mini version, and they need to sell it.

With that bling bling $$cost$$, I wish they add more special features-such as wireless ear-phone, inter-changeble battery, interchangeble shells and upgradable memories for the future… (not engraving, clunky wired remote or slightly smaller version)
If they do this, people will trust what it really worth and feel that company is caring about their consumers.

The iPod is amazing-- it’s provided me a soundtrack to my life, and totally worth every penny I paid. The more serious you are about music, the more it will be worth to you. I spend a lot of time walking/riding busses/taking trains to work, so it gets plenty of use then. Once at work I hook it up to my workstation and it acts as a portable harddrive for projects I need to take home. It’s still the best overall harddrive MP3 player you can get-- you usually get what you pay for-- as designers we should know this best.

Great look and feel but I gotta say for the price point it should have a battery that lasts longer than 18 months!

something uncanny happens on my iPod when I’m using the ‘shuffle’ option on a playlist…I swear the thing somehow ‘knows’ how to make the best mixes ever, song combinations I wouldn’t even think of. It’s cool…of course it’s probably coincidental but it’s nice to think that some nutso software guy at Apple figured out how to make good, emotive mixes from your mp3’s.

Battery life isn’t great, though. And the thing is pricey, so replacing the battery for $100 is a kick in the nutz.

Using it with iTunes and the Music Store is really really easy, the way all these kinds of things should be.

It’s pretty to look at and to hold…it’s too precious to use in sports I think aside from the treadmill.

9.5 out of 10

Don’t know how likely this is given that this is a design board, but I’m wondering if anyone is using an iPod with Windows? What do you think?

Yes I use it with Windows + iTunes. Seamless. XP at home & 2000 at work, both work great and manage the device flawlessly.

I have one of the original ones and I absolutely love it. After updating the firmware, I have no battery issues.

IMO, it’s one of Apple’s best products and if mine were to break down, I’d get an new one in a heartbeat, it’s such an integral part of my life. And yes, it’s totally scratched up, but that’s kinda cool.

On the other hand, the Mini iPod is a total joke. I understand that it’s positioned as a fashion accessory, but the pricing strategy seems off to me. Even though I have a wide array of colors to choose from, for 50 bucks more I get TRIPLE the amount of storage capacity. Seems off, doesn’t it?

I dont think the iPod mini is a joke-- you can’t use raw storage space as your sole point of comparison. Just like with most consumer electonics there is added value in a smaller size. Not to mention that the mini is aiming towards a different market than the original iPod, whose aim was music enthusiasts. To the “average” consumer 1000 songs is more than enough-- they just don’t need/want/have 10,000 tunes. That said, I think if (when) it drops to $199 it will be a much more reasonable price.

i’ve owned 2 ipods and the first one was argumentative and lazy, while the second one is still very well behaved. i think the difference lies in my care for the machines. the first one was always getting dust in the firewire port, and i think that was unhealthy. i started using the little plastic “fire-wire-port-cap”(how german) on the second ipod, and it is problem free. just think about this dust thing. i think its true.

Ahem, well I’m a fan of the Ipod 3rd generation because of it’s thoughtful design, sound quality, and extra features. I’m not sure how much more they could have packed into this unit without jeporadizing the sleek size of it, but if I were designing the 4th here’s what I would include.
I’d shrink the touch wheel, and minimize the four buttons at the top making room for a credit card sized color lcd screen. I’d defintley would introduce wireless headphone capabilities. FM/AM would be included along with a built in recorder. My ipod’s case would be able to open so that you can expand your hard drive as technology grows. This might even give PC users a reason to tinker with MAC’s, because they have a interest in getting under the hood and upgrading their baby, Mac’s usually don’t cater to this need. The battery life, I can’t complain about mine to much but I’d upgrade to better one to satisfy you folks who needed it.

Hmm. Optional wireless remote?
Okay, I’m dry!

Hats off to those guys though for the extras. Ical, contacts, games, voice recorder, picture reader. Sic EQ options, sexy-n-cool backlight and great output. Overall I give it a 10 out of 10 for it’s time.

Oooh, here’s one. You know how PDA’s can transfer info from one to another via that handy infared beam. You got it! The ability to meet folks on the subway and zap them your favorite 5 songs instantly! Imagine beaming that girl in the gym the songs that express how you feel about her. Oooh Wee! That’s hot!

I’m a Win-pod user and absolutely love it–one of the best CE products ever.

For improvements I’d like to see Bluetooth sync and of course video (with DVR support of course.)

The new buttons-on-touchwheel on the new minipod is brilliant. I’d like to see how they could take this even one step further by mapping commands to compass-points, facilitating totally eyes-free interaction (ie. touch at NE to start a command and drag to SW to end it.)

The touch screen is a great idea!



DJ Red-i (fueledbycoffee) shows up with his iPods and lays down the funky beats…Pope rejoices


hah…but it would be cool to see an iPod with a customizable interface. you could have one with a “scratch” feature “crossfade” on the other. as i date myself, i remember DJ’s showing up to parties with several cases of LP’s, their turntables, speakers and other hardware (amps, etc).

a DJ now could now practically show up to a party, hang his/her jacket on a coat tree (complete with embedded sound system and laser lights), whip out a few iPods and go to work. i guess some of the DJ’s entourage could also have a special jacket for better surround sound.

Jerry-- the age of the “MP3J” is upon us:


iTunes has a variable crossfade, but I’m guessing it requires more memory and processor speed than the iPod can provide. Since MP3 turntables with beat matching, scratching, on the fly sampling, etc already exist-- I’m sure a diluted (read as: average consumer friendly) version for the iPod (etc) will soon follow.

[quote I’m sure a diluted (read as: average consumer friendly) version for the iPod (etc) will soon follow.[/quote]

they just missed it with the ned edition

maybe revision 4 ( 5 , 6 … )