"what is cutting adge?"


seems like we have a thinker here :bulb:

Just imagine how many kids will designs like these lure into ID :smiley:

“Five cups of Flour”

I think I just had a “V-8” moment…

Great, more “intelectual” pots, coffee tables and loft decorations, just what design needs for its image. For interior designers strictly, there are zillions big and small actual design problems to solve everywhere we look.

Screw that self-important, navel-gazing rubbish posing as intelligent product design.

It’s not, it’s just Art really. I don’t get on with that kind of art, but that is just a matter of taste. As long as they don’t expect me to think and design that way, that’s alright by me… :laughing:

One or two of the pieces are quite pretty, and one or two are interesting.

Interesting interface design on the site, too.

Finally someone is digging deep underneath the surface and getting into the core of contemporary design

Yeah well, I’m dead common, me. Over my head, all this in-ter-lec-choo-al stuff.


I’m sorry, I assumed you were being ironic in response to my rather deep and meaningful post equating contemporary design with art.

I’m a little miffed that designers like this get more money than me for making impractical items. But then, it is a mark of status that one can afford such frivolities, and these designers are just pandering to the market. That is capitalism for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I will call it art and lump these designers in with artists and thus I am not competing with them. In my little world this makes me happy. :smiley:

i was a bit annoyed by the website after clicking the link for “objects”.
my browser window got jacked and i was unable to exit back to the main menu as i was trapped in a Flash page. the navigation wasn’t consistent throughout the site.

otherwise, i generally liked the products. mostly esoteric design but some interestingly clever objects (i.e. the flower pot).

I thik the objects exhibited on the web site are pretty interesting. I personally believe designers are artists, and that in order to deny that you have to kill the poetry of design. The form follows funtion is like the number one rule for design in general, almost as the phrase ‘‘less is more’’. Recent design theory has shown us that this ‘‘laws’’ can broken. Which can be FUN!

On the other hand, saying that an object has been deconstructed just because it’s in bits and pieces is not correct. If you can still read a structure you are not really deconstructing, just segmenting. In order to deconstruct you must look at the function of the object, tha paradoxes, allegories and apparent contradictions among other things. Again I think some of the pieces are beautiful designed objects. Very poetic.

There are all different kinds of designers. Some are more fluffy than others, and I find them really creative and fun. I think it’s pretty sweet that they get to make whatever crazy/impractical design they want. At my co-op all we can think about are dies and costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are taking the word “deconstructed” too literally…
Zaha Hadid and Coop Himmelblau started a steam in the 80’s and were very precise about creating ‘deconstructed architecture’.
In our case, it’s more about understanding the structure of an object, or better yet the function, and paring it into its essentials.
Hoever, then, rebuilding and combining it, in a quit interesting way, into new object.

It’s a more abstract way of thinking.
As an engineer, I cannot be happier intriguing myself by these fascinating objects.

(Especially the “paradoxical equation no.1” @ the xxx section)


good times. yeah its more Art than design, but has funcionality.

yay my first post!!!

“more art than design”???
creativity has no boundraries fellows!

definitions are self imposed

non traditional, non classic,

these pieces are poetic and usefull


ok then, go and design,
go and design objects without any soul
go and design objects that never make anyone smile
go and design objects that never challange anyone
go and design objects that never touch people