What is comfort to you????? Is it helping someone out???

I am a design student doing research for my senior thesis. I am looking at the psychology side of design and trying to apply emotions that people have to a piece of furniture. Sounds confusing I know. So my question to all of you is, what is comfort to you?? Whatever comes to mind when you hear/see the word comfort, what do you associatte with the meaning of comfort. Let me know, whether its just a word, a list of things, a story, whatever it is it will really help me out. Thank you all!

Is this a senior year of High School project? or possibly undergrad or grad?

i know it sounds strange - in some furniture companies they spend hours coming up with a name that makes you feel comfortable.

i think the furniture should blend in with the style of living.

…i suppose “chase lounge” sounds more comfortable than “bench”…for me a piece has to look more comfortable before i would select it over another…the proof however is always in the sitting…if i can sit for 30 minutes or so without figgitting much, i consider that comfort.