What is BMW doing?

$190k? Wowza. I’d like to see the target consumer board for this :rofl:

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Did you notice the normal closing hood on the Mini? Looks like cost cutting everywhere. Looks like a Lifan 320:

It’s been 25 years.

The natural light at Lake Como is really beautiful during this time of the year, don`t you think?

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I mean, it could be worse. Meh

Took out my 7 after 2 years in storage. Purr of the v8 and classic (not aggressive) styling never gets old.

This is what bmw should be doing.

Thanks Richard. Just in time to change it for the new “the 5”

Now in size 7.

The length and width are almost exatly F01 7 series territory. From the start you can order it fully lectric or hybrd. With vegan seats.

I wouldn’t trade for that if you paid me.

Plastic seats are fine. In a taxi…(MB-tex was the best!)

Good lord how the mighty have fallen.

Also, new 5 is big outside but small inside (and wheelbase). It’s designed for batteries which is also why it looks like shit and has that terrible high and stubby proportion.

The 7 has foot rests :wink:

That looks terrible!

Just out of curiosity I decided to see what BMW models are available. I see so many different grilles and models… I wasn’t prepared for the total (unsurprising) clusterfuck that is the BMW range.

I literally have no idea.

Any semblance of order is long gone of course …coupes are not 2 door, series means nothing, prices are random and there’s so many different trim levels it’s like Cadillac in the 80s.

Serious WTF.

source here:

I think they want every customer to feel like they are getting an one of a kind car.