What is BMW doing?

Core77 guys…

Anyone getting an overload of play/exposure on their media feeds with this concept? Is this BMW jumping the shark here, or are they onto something with their “alive geometry” digital/analog approach?


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I love transpotation. Transpotations areas are very charming.

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It’s kinda cool, but I don’t see how this will translate to production. I like the return of the shark nose though. Also, the headlights are finally starting to push the limits of the LED technology. I’m so tired of LEDs being put into unnecessarily large enclosures. When I was a kid, designers used to make pop-up headlights because they wanted to hide the headlights. Now we have the technology to almost make lights disappear without pop-ups and auto designers seem scared to try.

Personally, I love it. Finally a concept that is a nutty out there concept. I the design as whole could be a bit more cohesive. I would have reduced the rest of the surfacing and detailing to as little as possible and let the transforming sides speak for themselves, maybe add some active aerodynamics to keep the transformer thing going.

I’m still trying to decide if I like it or not. Definitely excited about the shark nose, and the transforming surface seems much more resolved and plausible than the Gina concept from a couple years ago.

It certainly is interesting to look at.

They have put a lot of energy into the visual form experience here, but I am having a difficult time buying into their idea that digital information can be delivered by bringing the surface geometry “Alive”. They are deliberately moving away from the screen/monitor approach of info delivery which is a bold move, but to do so it must improve the experience and simplify driving and riding…no? I see a lot of complexity creation here that will require the user to undergo a lengthy education conditioning process similar to the iDrive concept, of which BMW seems to have been successful at, so they are building on their strengths it seems.

Additionally, this concept seems to move away from the voice/audio experience trajectory of current information delivery in a move to appeal to a more visual approach to designing experience and interacting with information while at speed or at a stop sign. A clear indication that too many males and not enough females might have been on this design team…maybe?

The dragon skin wheel wells do not support their premise of the future of “drividing” (driving/riding) and are only used as a trade show selling trick to draw the customer into the more abstract concept. This is rather dishonest and downright cheesy to my design and production sensibilities as well. However, getting those 14 year olds interested in the brand does put on display some rather explicit video game level styling flourishes…China and dragons have a long visual history together.

As a next-100-years vision, it works well. BMW has been pushing the “dynamic surfaces” philosophy for the last decade in their concepts cars - I like it…it’s the wild, wild West of automotive design.

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How do I clean it?

What happens when the body contracts and there is dirt between the cracks?

Seems like more work for me when less work (autonomous driving) is the trend.

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I would imagine the ‘vision’ assumes the eventual tech won’t have gaps, the concepts are tech-limited at the moment - it’ll be a controlled expandable/contractable “grid” within a solid surface that does its push/pull as needed. Nanotech in the polymers could allow the expandable areas to “glow” or change color from a user-selectable palette (within the parameters of local street-going laws & regulations, of course).

Hear Hear.

As a far future concept, I can see something like this happening.
And I think it’s great that BMW focuses more and more on the human interaction/interface aspects of the car since these are so closely related to the driving experience.
In the future, I also see the value of electric cars that become taller and short in the city, and flatter and longer on the highway. They could adapt to all kinds of conditions and to the amount of people inside. So I see shape transformation also happening on a larger scale plus in a more abstract sense, the mode of transport with a car can transform not just towards autonomous driving but more towards that of public transportation as well with multiple cars linking up, displaying swarm behavior or chained like a train.

I see the charm in this concept and its cool to see that the designers were having a ball when they were brainstorming. But the cars seems like an even bigger hassle to maintain.
Anyways, is there any demonstration on how the suspensions work on this concept? I dont think we can hover over potholes and speed bumps yet, right?

As FYI - live streaming of BMW Group’s "Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience.” in Los Angeles - part of THE NEXT 100 YEARS WORLD TOUR - is today Tuesday, October 11 @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST.
Exhibition features BMW Vision, MINI Vision, and ROLLS ROYCE Vision concepts.

Live Stream link:

More detail:
Luxury SUVs, Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles & Crossovers | BMW USA with Facebook live link

Open to public from October 13th to 16th: The Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave, #203, Santa Monica, CA 90405

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 revealed:

More info on BMWBLOG http://www.bmwblog.com/2016/10/11/world-premiere-bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100/

whoa, that is pretty surprising!

Damn, that BMW concept is so heavy and static, visually. I can see how the shape was developed based on heritage, but the overall aesthetics don’t seem to fit motorcycles very well to me. It’s neither going for straight line power or flickable city/canyon riding. Nope, with respect, but I’m not feeling it.

Self balancing motorcycle, huh… Sounds safe but how is it gonna ride though? Nice idea either way, BMW got my vote! We’re this closer to having a tron bike.

I agree. Now the car are not only for transportation but also for commodity. I think this concept is already futuristic but there is a lot that there is yet to be implemented.

BMW is doing good things:



I think the Kia Stinger is probably a better way to go.