What is a valid Location (in user profile)?

Ok, I was going to comment on this article (A Convertible Bike Seat To Scare Off Thieves - Core77) as I don’t believe the product serves a meaningful purpose. It will only stop someone on their way home from the pub looking for a ride (a lock does so too and doesn’t leave with you the problem of finding somewhere to store your seat…).

Anyway, to comment on the article I had to add more information to my profile. I have always just had a username and a Location (Scandinavia (mostly)) and for some reason that isn’t enough now. I filled in the required fields that were missing (name and last name), but still not enough. OK, I removed (mostly) from my location, surly Scandinavia would be allowed… nope. What is required? City? Country? State in the US…

Hi - we use Google Maps API to validate locations, so anything recognized by that will work. If you enter just your city name it should automatically add some additional info. If you put in just a country name it will leave that alone. Seems that a region, like “Scandinavia” is too general.

Reply here if it does not work properly.