What is a fair salary?

I just finished school at the end of april and graduate from an industrial design program in ontario. I recently went for an interview and got a job offer the same day. The company is small but looking to create a new department and upgrade their software to solidworks. So even though it is an entry level position I’d be the only one in that department and i’d be in charge of certain things.

They are offering $30 000… so after i calculated my expenses I’d barely have anything left after my pay. I’m not taking the job but for future reference I wanted to know other people’s opinion/experience what the average starting salary/hourly rate would be in the Toronto area.

30K sounds awfully low. But Im not sure about how that stacks up in Canada.

Always recommend checking out http://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm and looking at nearby places. It gives fairly good insight into salaries.

Sounds low for Toronto but depends a lot on your skills, experience and position/company.


I’ve seen plenty of Junior level SW positions here in Minneapolis go for $40K at smaller sized companies. 30 is low, but does depend on your experience.

Also, what program did you come from? I’ve seen a lot of variance in salary here in Toronto depending on what program applicants come from. Unfortunately not all programs prepare designers equally.


I graduated from the program at Humber College.

And the position also included helping with manufacturing drawings/construction, rendering, marketing material, designing new products and eventually meeting with clients, etc. After adding up the expenses including a car the position at that salary didn’t seem worth my time. I can make just as much at my current part time job.

Good to see a fresh grad with some common sense.
Concerning the possible workload they’d nearly have to double that figure if they wanted someone with a little experience, but I am not too familiar with canadian rates…

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I partially agree here. Some programs are better than others, but as we all know it is up to the student to make the most of their education. There are poor students coming out of great programs and great students from weaker programs.

Your portfolio and skills should determine you pay.