what is a design assistant?

what is a product design assistant? what are the job duties of a design assistant? After working as a design assistant for a while, can the assistant become a mid-level designer at the same company?

YES, miracles do happen.

Design assistant runs errands, makes copies, sorts data, etc… has very little if anything to do with actual design work. I would seriously consider going to school for that. It’s much harder to climb the proverbial ladder if you don’t have a design degree. I am not saying it doesn’t happen but it seems veeeeeeery hard, especially these days. I know of at least 2 people who left design schools mid way through and went back to school because these jobs did not lead to anything bigger and better. I also know one person who quit school within first year but this was in the 50’s. He did car design, never went back to school and ended up teaching design.

Don’t want to rain on your parade, you can do it if you apply yourself (and I want to stress the word apply)

Is design assistant same as assistant Designer?
Because I became a regular designer pretty quick and I was involved with pretty big projects all along…
but I am not with them anymore. so I can’t tell if that leads me to become a higher level designer. I am mid-level designer in current company.