What in the world is I.D. ?

NO…i am not asking, but i need to answer this the best way possible! I am assisting in founding the first Industrial design company in Jordan (my country) and most people here (99.9%) dont have a clue as to what we, (I.D.) do…and the ones who think they do, think its mold and tool design…engineering design!
I am looking for material, literature or graphics, that i can use to help generate awarness and appreciation for our profession in this part of the globe.
Any help??

signing off from Amman-Jordan


The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has a well-written, comprehensive definition of “industrial design.” You can find it here:

Additionally, the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers (ACID) has a concise definition posted on their site:

Best of luck,

Jim Gresko, IDSA

Also, Niti Bahn may be able to help, the ITT (Illinois Intstitute of Technology) is a good place for evangelism/promotional materials ideas on ID-

Thanks for the help!

We will have to communicate through literature, images (perhaps compare a product designed by an engineer, and the same one designed by an I.D.) Also I was considering, video? somthing like the famous IDEO shopping cart…but much shorter…what do you think?