what have U done this year

2005 is going…
Just wondering about what U have done, learned, experienced this year
as a designer…

share with US all core gangs…

i learned that…i should never show unfinished work to an idiot…if i push something hard enough it will fall over…i should never argue with a crazy person and if i let someone play with something long enough they will break it.

never trust managers who say they will call you, let you know,… blah blah blah.

I only know a handful of people, business or not, who will call you as promised.

I learned that my company is terrified of questions.

This is really tough for me as a designer, since I’m driven by questions. The more I ask, the more alienated I become. Those that don’t know me think I need to be ‘educated’ (even as they are unable to answer my questions…)

My theory is that it’s an engineering culture thing–Too much Lean and Six-Sigma telling everyone that variance and unknowns are bad.

Wow did this strike a nerve. I can’t agree more - engineers and engineering manager are terrified of questions. I know, I used to be one.

I live by this rule now: smart people ask questions, insecure people don’t.

Design taught me to ask questions, recognize quality, and cultivate my own vision. I quit my job of 15 years and went back to school for design this year, the best move I’ve ever made.

during 2005 ,i had taken part in three desgin competitions.I got 11 certificate in these competitions. so many people said i got crazy.i am a machine .i aways working ,working, working .i hadn’t got rest and holiday.
however,I also learn a lot lf things .I am happing and aching.

i have studied the design in a university continue. Leaning many cours to program of instruction. some of them maybe effect on my future life . another i don`t know. in a vacation i went to study FRANCE .and when i grated i want to overseas to see more things .helps I better study in design. :exclamation:

In 2005:
-I made goals I didn’t achieve
-I made plans I didn’t follow up on
-I had dreams that didn’t come true

-I realized that Things aren’t going to change and that what happens… happens.

-plus I started to get a bald spot.

lets hope life gives me that kick in the pants I need for 2006.

the previous post was by me a “different” 2005 than the person who started the post :confused:

thats o.k., baldy

went freelance with the intention of making money, but I found such a nice balance of working and not working that i have reached a standstill as far as monetry progression goes. I think i am going to die a poor but happy man.

Wait a minute though, I have learnt a huge amount and progressed in other areas and started making big plans so bring on 2006!
Mostly working on events trying to raise the minimum wage in our country, once the kids get more money, maybe i can concentrate on making more myself :sunglasses:

it’ll happen to you too, take a look around at your next Design conference/convention/etc. 99% of the guys over 30 are thinning, have receding hairlines or have shaved heads.

Maybe it’s from the stress, staring at a screen, who knows :neutral_face:
perhaps designers are genetically predisposed for creativeness and baldness.

I learned rapid prototyping machines vastly reduce design time… And keep me out of the shop…

I miss the shop…

Marketing makes me tear my hair out. I have kind of a 3-year-old-who-tried-to-cut-his-own-hair look.

What have I learned? In no particular order:

  1. NEVER. EVER. Neglect your network. You never know when you need it.

  2. Life is too short.

  3. EVERYONE seems to smoke in France.

  4. Starting a new business is a bitch.

  5. Cold Calling sucks

  6. Hurry up! Wait!

  7. Well, graphic design can help pay the bills.

  8. Cats belong on roofs. Not mother-in-laws.

  9. I didn’t know ovarian cysts could be the size of a hotdog!

  10. Sketching isn’t so hard if you have patience.

  11. I love design again.

  12. I still think marketing is full of idiots.

  13. You can learn a LOT about design from a 2 year old.

  14. Layoffs suck.

  15. Severance rocks

  16. Racoons are mean to kitties.

That about sums it up.

first year out of school.

I realized…nothing is what you hoped to be.
I learned…you get what you put it into. And sometimes you don’t even get
what you put it into… that is life.
I experienced…nobody owes me anything to call or respond.

what’s left after all this?
My love for design.
2005 has beaten me badly in many areas but It hasn’t killed me.
I am expecting more hardship next year…
But 2005 vaccinated me. I am ok.

just a poor year
every week ,i have so many homework,the noly thing i do at home is sit in my room work ang work
i hate PC

How quickly the time goes by!we will come in to 2006 three months later.Think back to 2005,i have so many thoughs in my head.i’m very tired in the year of 2005 .we have so many homework and we usually work until midnight,so i feel i’m under presure every day.
but i can not disadmit that we learn some technologe through the courses of this year.these courses are very useful for us,such as VI,DESIGN ENGLISH,FLASH and so on.i’m sure that if we take the carrier of design in the future ,these courses will be a wealth for us.