What happens to the sketches after a project is finished?

I always wondered what happens to sketches and renderings of cars when the project is completed? Are they archived, thrown away, sold? I started thinking about this when I saw this rendering of my own car and thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to have this on my wall?”

There are a lot of car renderings and sketches I’d love to own and exhibit in my house.

So anyone knows where they go?

They are all property of the car companies. Therefore, they are supposed to be archived there. Certainly some of the drawings are taken home by designers, but only a few.

The best bet is to search ebay and cross fingers.

I cannot remember where I saw this, but there was a website advertised either on Core or Productdesignforums.com which was an online shop for old hand renderings etc. Some of them were really awesome, but the prices were ridiculous (in/around €2000!).

Also, I know of one particular client of a consultancy I interviewed at who wanted anything and everything put on paper in relation to any project that consultancy did for them - serious anti-leakage policies.

I don’t work in an industry that is as secretive as the auto industry. I shred everything I write down and keep all my drawings archived. Even horrible thumbnails and doodles. You never know…

When I worked for BRP, all drawings were placed in a drawer (archived). And when it was time to check out old concepts for inspiration, they were pulled out from the dusty large envelops.

I worked at Porsche briefly and they had drawers and drawers of sketches from past projects. When they shut down their California studio I saw them shred every one. :cry:

I think secrecy is the main concern and the drawings don’t have much use beyond the life of the project. It is sad to think of the countless amazing artistic creations that will never see the light of day.

Maybe GM and Ford should start auctioning off some drawings. They can use all the cash they can get! :blush:

What is sad is that I doubt BMW is going to make a 10 year old sketch of a Porsche. Or that Honda is going to knock of a 15 year old Corola concept sketch. All this secrecy around sketches, but millions spent on concept cars that are made public and later just get crushed, why wouldn’t someone just knock off the concept car?.. weird industry.

It is not just sketches. Some concepts have made it to full sized clay or fully detailed prototypes and then never shown to the public.