What happened to Migurski?

I was just checking the web page for the i.d. program at San Jose State and noticed that Tomasz Migurski is no longer the department head. When I was there he ruled the program with an iron fist. Anyone know what happened?

Hmm, i’m not sure. This is my first year at SJSU and i met him at orientation. I’m not taking any ID courses this semester so i have not talked to him yet. Interesting to hear though.

Thanks for the reply and good luck in the program. Just watch out for Migurski and try not get on his bad side, he’ll make your life hell.

He is on sabbatical I believe. John McClucky is heading the program.

That sabbatical was a joke, it was just to disguise a way to keep Migurski away from the classroom. And he didn’t even accomplish anything during that one year off. Even by the time I graduated from the program I had more real world design experience through internships than the guy has in his entire career. :laughing:

The rumor is the school has had enough and he is being forced into early retirement, this spring semester will be his last.

Bad year for despots, Mubarak, Osama, Gaddafi, Kim Jong Il…

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Bad year for despots, Mubarak, Osama, Gaddafi, Kim Jong Il…

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