What happened to creative seeds?

I really liked the interviews and articles on from creative seeds on coroflot.com but it seems the last post was in September. What happened?


Not sure, I passed this along to the HQ brass.

Ah, yes - creative seeds! It was indeed a great blog but last fall we were transitioning to a new blog software and our tech team was anticipating much trouble in moving it. CS had consistently good articles but the numbers (visitors, blog mentions, etc.) were flat, even declining a bit, so the decision was made to cut it, save the transition effort and put the resources behind it to use elsewhere. We will be taking it offline in the next few months. RIP CS.

Well that is sad to hear, but I hope you find a way to mix the content into Core77. Any discussion about that? I really found the interviews interesting and helpful. It’s nice to hear from successful people who have been in the biz a while.

this is very interesting, in the context of the content vs participation debate over in the IDSA discussion thread.
What does the demise of CS mean about the Core audience?
Why were the articles not having broad enough readership to justify the expense?

Well, maybe it wouldn’t need to go away, and wouldn’t need to be a regular feature either. Today’s interview with BMWDesignworksUSA could be tagged as “creative seed”, or something similar and filed away. That way, the content is still there, but it just doesn’t have a secluded spot on the site… just a thought.

My thoughts exactly NURB. I can see why you would get less hits at creative seeds. You go from core77, to coroflot, to creative seeds, but most people just want to jump onto Core77 and scan the latest posts. If those posts were the occasional “creative seed” I believe people would be interested them. The content was great, the placement was two clicks too far.

This is really sad news :frowning: Creative Seeds was such a useful resource for students like me. I understand how traffic contributed to the demise of the blog but I honestly think that was more of a navigation issue than people not wanting to read the blog. I remember there were many times when I would actively try to access Creative Seeds for Core77 but could not find a link to it anywhere. I’m sure others have had this problem too.

I hope somehow we can reinstate Creative Seeds into Core77 and make it more integrated into the site. With compounding things like I.D magazine just disappearing, it’s very sad to see great resources slashed.

Agree with all the above. Loved reading the blog posts, but it felt to seperate from Core77. I asume for most people that there main point of call is Core77 front page than forums. Maybe better integration somehow?