what happend to..

anyone know what happened to SupperHappyBunny from L.A. or plasticbuddha from Canada? are they still around?


The milkman?
The paperboy…
and evening tv?

hahaha, you beat me to it

Bart Haney, co-founder of SHB is now doing some cool work with FuseProject.

SuperHappyBunny was a great company name for PR, just as Frog Design was in the 80’s. It smacks of one-hit-wonder though, so it’s good to see the designers move on to prove themselves through design merit instead of ad-agency gimmickry.

My coworker worked at Plastic Buddha a few years ago. She said the designers broke up and sold the name off to someone else. Now, one of the designers founded a new consultancy in Winipeg called “Cocoon Branding”. It’s starting to make some press too with some new furniture designs.